Melee Musketeer Series Part 2: Game Plan and Match Breakdown

In part two of this Melee Musketeer series, Wolfy looks at the game plan and match breakdown for his set-up in pirate101 PvP.

Melee Musketeer Series Part 1: Best of Both Worlds

Part 1 of Wolfy’s hybrid musketeer PvP set! In this segment, he highlights the gear and pet he plans to use to dominate the PvP scene.

Melee Musketeer Series Intro: A Pistol and a Dagger

Wolfy is going to try a brand new way to play Musketeer in PvP! Here’s how he came up with the idea for it. Are you excited to see how it turns out?

Countered: Nausica (Pirate101)

Alex Deathflame shares some of his top tips on handling Nausica as a Musketeer.

Pirate101 Top 5 Musketeer Powers!

Two time Tournament winner Alex Deathflame gives us the scoop on his Top Five Musketeer Powers in PvP!

Pirate101 Skill Spotlight: Megablast!

Duelist101 highlights some of the new tools and powers from the newest content update. This time: The Dragoon Autocannon and Megablast!

Pirate101 Musketeer Overview

Guns, traps, accuracy and range: here’s our look at the class of Musketeer! The all-enemy attacks alone make this a fun class to play and a serious force in the future of Pirate101 PvP.