Pirate101 Companion Spotlight – Haywire Battle Angel

Is the haywire battle angel a good investment for your PvP team? How should I use her and set her up? Find out in this spotlight!

Pirate101 Top 5 Privateer Powers!

Pirate101 PvP’er Technomage brings some insight about the Privateer’s strengths in this Guide to the Top 5 Privateer Powers.

The Chronicles of Merciless Miguel Devereaux 1-29-13 (Pirate101)

Check out the first entry in this new Pirate101 Character Chronicle! Merciless Miguel describes the process of setting up his Privateer for pirate PvP. Take a look at a Privateer’s stats, gear, and companions, all in preparation for his first set of battles.

Pirate101 Privateer Overview

Are you a natural born leader? Privateer may be the class for you, as you set your defenses and give battle orders to your companions.

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