Pirate101 Companion Spotlight – Haywire Battle Angel

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Pirate101 Companion Spotlight: Sarah Steele

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Pirate101 PvP Chronicles: The Chronicles of Merciless Jean Percy #1 [Swashbuckler]

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The Chronicles of Pretty Pedro: 3.28.2013

Pretty Pedro returns from a great run in the latest tourney, but he’s still encountering a wall in the late game. Can he find the solution?

Wanted!: Prioritizing Targets in P101, Swashbucklers

The first hurdle in Pirate101 PvP is figuring out which unit(s) to take down first. “Wanted!” is a short Pirate101 strategy series aimed to help players prioritize targets in PvP, class by class. First up, Swashbucklers!

Pirate101 Swashbuckler Overview

The basics of the Swashbuckler Pirate101 class, and a few PvP thoughts.