Pirate101 Witchdoctor Guide (Summer 2016)

Here’s a Pirate101 Witchdoctor Guide that will give you the tools to become the best summoner around! Get your level 70 Witchdoctor ready!

Pirate101 The Chronicles of Fire

Witchdoctor Fiery Tarlack Urswick gives us a glimpse into his setup. First up: Secondary Classes and Training Points, Gear, and Companions.

Witchdoctor: Top 5 PvP Powers (Pirate101)

Of all the Pirate101 classes, Witchdoctors are amongst the least understood. To help unveil some of the mysteries of this unique class, we asked PvP Tournament winner Fiery Tarlac Urswick to spotlight the Top 5 powers in his PvP lineup.

The Chronicles of Kai 2.3.13

The Character Chronicles continue with Kai the Witchdoctor preparing his build for Pirate101 PvP.

Pirate101 Witchdoctor Overview

Duelist101 gives you the rundown on the Pirate101 Witchdoctor class! Basics and PvP predictions.