Duelist101 and the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Wizard101)

Duelist101’s Heather Shadowslinger and Kevin the Noob were both tagged for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out their fun videos, see how they hold up and then learn more about ALS!

Kevin the Noob, Episode 25

Kevin the Noob, Episode 25: Kevin’s teacher raises concerns about questing etiquette.

Kevin’s Ultimate PvP Guide (Wizard101)

Kevin the Noob is back, this time with the best PvP guide ever! At least, according to him. Learn how to choose gear, spend arena tickets and…steal waffles? What? Read on for details. At your own risk.

Kevin the Noob, Episode 24

PvP Summer Camp, part 4: Kevin’s nemesis is revealed.

Kevin the Noob: Episode 23

Kevin the Noob returns! In Episode 23, PvP Summer Camp, part 3: Things start to spin out of control.

Kevin the Noob: Episode 22

Episode 22, PvP Summer Camp, part 2: Kevin continues his search for the camp swimming pool.

Kevin the Noob: Episode 21

Season 3 of Kevin the Noob begins! As a new villain appears, Kevin and Moose kick off their summer vacation.

Kevin the Noob, Season 3!

Kevin the Noob Season 3 is almost here! Things will be a little different this time around…read on for details, then watch a sneak peek featuring Kevin and Moose!

In Pursuit of Kevin the Noob

We take a look back at a few fan-favorite chase scenes from Kevin the Noob episodes. Check out the scenes, then vote in special Noob Week edition poll!

Kevin the Noob, Episode 20

Episode 20:
“Special Delivery”.
Kevin searches for his battle pet, Moose the bloodbat.