Ask Duelist! Level 78 Ice

Ask Duelist receives a request from a Transcended Ice Wizard who wants to improve his PvP game. This time, we ask Readers to help out and offer PvP advice!

Ask Duelist! Magus Balance 2v2

This time, we receive a request for Magus Balance 2v2, and seasoned duelists Blaze Raven and Jason Goldenshield take on the challenge!

Ask Duelist! Level 50 Myth, 1v1 (Wizard101)

Ask Duelist is back! A level 50 Myth wizard asks about PvP strategy for 1v1 and how to spend their training points. Duelist contributor DMT001 replies with gear recommendations, deck setup, and more!

Ask Duelist! Tag Team!

This time, a request for good Mid-level 2v2 schools. Have any good combo advice?

Ask Duelist! Level 52 Fire, 1v1

Are you a Fire wizard in the 45-59 level range? Look here for gear, deck, and strategy advice for 1v1 PvP and watch your opponents BURN!

Ask Duelist! Level 88 Life, 1v1

Ask Duelist returns! A Level 88 Life asks for PvP help, and multiple tourney-winner theonlyone522 has the answers. See deck-builds, strategy tips and advice for countering each school.

Ask Duelist! Ice lvl 16, 2v2

In this “Ask Duelist”, a level 16 Ice Commander asks for advice on facing Puppet Teams in 2v2. Our resident “Giant Hunter” gives the breakdown of what to expect when facing these high level hitters.

Ask Duelist! Adept Fire 1v1

This time, Ask Duelist sets up a level 28 Pyromancer with gear, deck, and a strategy towards domination!

Ask Duelist! Death level 40-49, 1v1

Ask Duelist returns! In this installment, azoresgirl breaks down PvP strategies for Master Death. Includes advice on deck-build, gear and training points… and a nice picture of Diego (that rascal!).

Ask Duelist! Life 1v1, Lvl 77

This time, Ask Duelist author Nick offers tips on gear, deck build, and strategy for a Transcendent Life wizard. Includes a bonus video showing his mad dueling skillz in action! 😀