Grandmaster Ice & Balance Turn-Based Tournament Guide

In this grandmaster ice and balance turn-based tournament guide, you will find out all the juicy details about how to be successful in this tourney format!

Legendary Balance 1v1 Guide

Interested in advanced play at lvl 60? Mycin breaks down all you need to know to be successful as a Legendary balance overlord in his debut article for Duelist 101!

A Balanced Scale: Exalted Balance 1v1 Guide

Community Cross-post! Community Author Trevor shows how to tackle Exalted Balance 1v1. Gear, Deck, and taking on school matchups.

Exalted Balance: Control Returns

Exalted Balance PvP guide from Community blog, by Corwin ShadowForge. Read about the different gear selection for not only exalt levels, but also 80+.

Wizard101 Battle Frontier #4 – Balance’s Judgement

Mismagically highlights the benefits of certain schools’ tactics and strategies in team PvP. This time, Balance!

A Balanced Death: Exalted Balance 1v1 Guide

Jasmine Dreamslinger stops by Duelist with an Exalted Balance 1v1 Guide, tested and used above 1800 rank!

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew #7

More Brain Stew! We’re back with our Adept 2v2 Fire/Balance team. This time we face opponents that are ~20 levels higher than us. Yikes!

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew #6

Brain Stew Shadowslinger Style has returned. Check out what Heather and Oran are up to now!

Wizard101 – Transcendent Balance 1v1 Guide

Blaze Raven returns with his Transcendent Balance 1v1 Guide. Build, deck, and strategies for playing–and dominating–with a level 75-80 Sorcerer.

Wizard101 Discarding Under Pressure

Gorman returns with a video demonstration about discarding under pressure. Watch to see how he controls the match and gets the winning cards.