PK FIRE!! Semi-Advanced Legendary Fire 1v1 Guide

Charles Darkflower brings us a Legendary Fire 1v1 Guide. The full rundown with a familiar face: the Fast Reshuffle Technique.

Exalted Fire PvP Chronicles 10/4/2014

Update on Nick’s Exalted Fire PvP build. Mixed results at mid-commander range, gear and deck adjustments. Read on for details.

Wizard101Battle Frontier #2: Fire’s Raging Inferno

Mismagically highlights the benefits of certain schools’ tactics and strategies in team pvp. This time, Fire!

Nick’s Exalted Fire 1v1 Build – Part 1

Nick reveals, discusses, and tests out his latest build for Exalted Fire 1v1. Part One.

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew #7

More Brain Stew! We’re back with our Adept 2v2 Fire/Balance team. This time we face opponents that are ~20 levels higher than us. Yikes!

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew #6

Brain Stew Shadowslinger Style has returned. Check out what Heather and Oran are up to now!

Advanced Exalted Fire Guide (1v1)

Check out one of the highest Armor Piercing builds to exist in Wizard101, and a true “dual school” setup at top level. Compare and contrast vs the L100 Jade Gear/Bad Juju build.

Kevin FireBreeze’s Exalted Fire 1v1 Guide

A PvP guide from the Duelist101 Community! Kevin FireBreeze brings us an Exalted Fire PvP guide for 1v1!

Counterpunch: Promethean Fire 1v1 Guide

Promethean Fire 1v1 PvP Guide with No Hades Gear, No Critical, and No Attack Spamming. This is how to excel in Wizard101 PvP with skill, not luck.

Blazing Shadows: A Level 95 Fire 1v1 Guide

The dashingly handsome Blaze Raven brings us our first level 95 Fire 1v1 Guide, and a glimpse into the evolving fast-paced metagame.