Ask Duelist! Level 78 Ice

Ask Duelist receives a request from a Transcended Ice Wizard who wants to improve his PvP game. This time, we ask Readers to help out and offer PvP advice!

Anything Goes: PvP for your Level 50 Ice

Will brings us a few guidelines on how to gear and what to expect in PvP with a Level 50 Ice.

Frozen – An Advanced Promethean Ice 1v1 Guide

Alexander Lionheart stops by with one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen….an aggressive, offensive Ice Build!? Gear, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy for bringing the Eternal Winter to the arena. Brace Yourselves…

The Rain’s Ice Journals (Wizard101)

Kenzie Rain shows off her battle skills in this 2v2 Team PvP Guide for Magus Ice. She and teammate Seth Rain show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to freeze out the opponents.

Ask Duelist! Ice lvl 16, 2v2

In this “Ask Duelist”, a level 16 Ice Commander asks for advice on facing Puppet Teams in 2v2. Our resident “Giant Hunter” gives the breakdown of what to expect when facing these high level hitters.

Ask Duelist! Ice 1v1, level 44

This time around, we handle a request for Master Ice 1v1. Duelist’s Gorman brings the breakdown.

PvP Guide: Archmage Ice 1v1

Tips on gear, deck set-up and strategy for Archmage Ice, courtesy of guest contributor David Silverhunter.

Go My Minions! Go! (Part 1)

An in-depth look at minions, how they behave, and why they are a vital part of PvP strategy.

How to be a Warlord: Magus Ice Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2: Final thoughts on how to reach warlord on Magus Ice. Includes tips on deck construction, strategy and what to expect from your opponents. And? A screen shot of me being called a noob! Good times.

How to be a Warlord: Magus Ice

In this new series of PvP guides, wizards from different schools are built from the ground up and taken from private to warlord. It’s a step by step look at how to piece together a winning- and fun- strategy for your wizard.

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