Beginner Grandmaster Myth PvP Guide (1v1)

This Beginner Grandmaster Myth PvP Guide should help you if you’re just starting out, or have worked yourself into the depths of sub-privacy. Give Myth a try!

Wizard101 Battle Frontier #7 – Myth’s Mystic Revelations

The “final” article in the Battle Frontier series. Mismagically tackles the last remaining school, Myth.

Olympus Has Fallen: Legendary Myth 1v1 Guide

Community member William Dawncloud brings us a Legendary Myth 1v1 Guide, tested to and effective at 1500 rank!

2v1: Magus Myth No Crowns 1v1 Guide

Charles Darkflower brings us a Magus Myth No Crowns 1v1 Guide based around minions and the recent Rude Goblin pet.

Storylord: Exalted Myth 1v1 Guide

Duelist reader and community member The Operator shares his Conjuring secrets in this Exalted Myth 1v1 Guide. Tested and used above 1500 rank!

Van Der Borst: Initial 1v1 Testing

Following up on the last Van Der Borst article, Charles Darkflower gives us a quick run through of his preliminary testing in ranked PvP. Is it working so far?

The Conjuring- A Promethean (95) 1v1 Myth PvP Guide

In this level 95 Myth PvP Guide, Jack Dragonshield shares some PvP tips for aspiring Conjurers in search of perfection.

Ask Duelist! Level 50 Myth, 1v1 (Wizard101)

Ask Duelist is back! A level 50 Myth wizard asks about PvP strategy for 1v1 and how to spend their training points. Duelist contributor DMT001 replies with gear recommendations, deck setup, and more!

More Adventures in Myth PvP! (Wizard101)

Molly Misthead gives an information-filled update on Myth PvP on her Level 40 Conjurer. This time, she shows us how her deck setup, pet, and gear have changed and evolved as she ranks up.

Adventures in Myth PvP (Wizard101)

Molly Misthead shares what it’s like to get started in ranked PvP on a Level 40 Myth wizard. Check out her gear, deck setup, and more as her adventure begins.