Storm Archmage PvP: Breaking the Meta

Storm Archmage PvP is an unusual level and school combination to PvP at, but it’s totally possible with the right setup and strategy. Jeremy Ravenhunter shows us how!

“Insanity in Action” — Prodigious Storm PvP

Are you insane enough to use Insane Bolt in PvP? Duelist contributor Peridot is, and here’s a video to prove it. Take our Insane Poll and see how many Wizard101 PvP’ers are willing to use it as well!

Prodigious Storm 1v1 Guide: “Embracing the Insanity”

Have you tried out Storm 1v1 yet? Don’t be discouraged by the lack of good Storm you see in the Arena! Let this guide help you become one of the better Storms 🙂

Stormrunner’s Legendary Storm 1v1 Guide

Community Author Stormrunner shows us the ins and outs of 60 Storm in his Legendary Storm 1v1 Guide.

Supercell: Advanced Exalted Storm 1v1 Guide

There’s no one with a better name than Eric Stormbringer to bring you an Advanced Exalted Storm 1v1 Guide.

Wizard101Battle Frontier #1: Storm’s Raging Tempest

Mismagically highlights the benefits of certain schools’ tactics and strategies in team pvp. First up: Storm!

Surviving The Storm: Advanced Exalted Storm 1v1 Guide

Charles Darkflower brings on the rain with his Advanced Exalted Storm 1v1 Guide. Setup and Strategy tested and successful in the 1300-1500 rank range.

Shifting Shadows: A Guide to Utilizing Shifts and Dark Nova in Top Level

Eric Stormbringer challenges the fast-paced top level meta with cards few people thought would work. Deck, gear, setup, and strategy to conquer the arena with Shift spells and Shadow creatures.

Insanity Part Trois: Storm PvP (Insane Bolt)

Read about the results from101 matches with my Insane Bolt deck. Is it possible to advance in the game using Insane Bolt as the main method of attack?

Insanity Part Deux: Storm PvP (Insane Bolt)

My insanity continues with the first set of results. Find out what happened in my first 20 matches using Insane Bolt as my main method of attack.