Wizard101 Epic Derby Guide

John Frostriver brings us an Epic Derby Guide. It covers building Derby Pets and how to use them at the Epic level.

Delving into Derby!

Tournament Master Vanessa Mythdust shares her insights into Wizard101 Pet Derby and how to make it thrive.

Derby101: Pet Training

Jack Dragonshield continues our series on Pet Derby with some tips and tricks for Pet Training to maximize your pet stats!

Wizard101 Pet Derby: Interviews with the Pros

It’s a 2 for 1 Derby spotlight! We interview long-time racing titan, Angel Legendfriend…then we check in with multiple record-holder Jeremy Dragonheart! One post. Two interviews. It’s like Christmas never ended!

Derby101: Caspeen Interview

Drop in and take a look at an interview with Pet Derby Tournament Master Caspeen from Wizard101 Central.


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Derby101: Morale!

Morale! In this article, we will discuss all things Morale!

Derby101: Powers and Talents

New to the Pet Derby? Ever wonder what those Derby Talents and Powers are on your Pet? Read here to find out more about them!

Derby101-Low Pet Level Derby.

Welcome to Another Derby101 Article, Stop in and Learn Something about Low Pet Level Derby this time.

Derby101 – Speed!

Welcome to Another Episode of Derby101 stop in, Learn about Pet Tactics and Watch Derby at its Finest.