Verdict of the Dead: Grandmaster Death 1v1 w/ Balance Mastery

Blaze Raven dishes out Death and judgment in his Grandmaster Death 1v1 PvP Guide!

Enchanted Armament’s Impact on Low Level PVP

Apollo examines the impact of the Enchanted Armament pet on low level PVP.

How to Deal With Higher Level Opponents: The Basics

Blaze Raven offers some pointers on how to deal with higher level opponents in the ranked arena!

Magus Storm PVP Guide for 2nd Age

Mid level Storms have always been very rare. Making an Adept or Magus storm wizard is probably one of the toughest things to try. Sean Starbright has modified his Magus Storm PvP 1v1 Deck, and Team Decks to accommodate the changing meta-game of the 2nd age.

The Rain’s Ice Journals (Wizard101)

Kenzie Rain shows off her battle skills in this 2v2 Team PvP Guide for Magus Ice. She and teammate Seth Rain show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to freeze out the opponents.

Wizard101 – Adept Death Level 28

Duelist author Kenzie Rain hits the arena with a new level 28 Death wizard equipped with a Balance Mastery amulet in this Adept Death guide.

Dear Diego: Page Three

The IcyWiz Character Chronicle continues, with pet woes, disconnects, and some rather…interesting opponents!

Ask Duelist! Ice lvl 16, 2v2

In this “Ask Duelist”, a level 16 Ice Commander asks for advice on facing Puppet Teams in 2v2. Our resident “Giant Hunter” gives the breakdown of what to expect when facing these high level hitters.

How to be a Warlord: Adept Balance

Project Warlord returns, this time for Adept Balance! See a wizard start from scratch and get set up for PvP. Includes tips on gear, deck-build, pets. Then watch video of an early match!

Dear Diego, Page Two

IcyWiz hands us the second page in the PvP diary of Christina Hawkcaller. How does she fare in her first three ranked matches?