Deathwish: The Obstacles in Master 1v1 at Leaderboard Rank

Charles Darkflower has a death wish: re-entering Master 1v1 at Leaderboard Rank.

The Theurgist’s Notes – Part 3

Monarch returns to the Theurgist’s Notes by breaking down Master Life with Myth Mastery in the Second Age. Plus video commentary!

Death by Lightning: Master Death 1v1 Guide

Wait until you see this awesome Death PvP guide! Master Level 40-49 Death 1v1 with a surprising amulet choice. Check out this winning strategy!

A Quick Death – Master Class Necromancy

Frost Monarch gives us a quick look at Master Class Necromancy on the inexpensive side. A No Crowns approach to Death at the Lvl 40-49 range.

More Adventures in Myth PvP! (Wizard101)

Molly Misthead gives an information-filled update on Myth PvP on her Level 40 Conjurer. This time, she shows us how her deck setup, pet, and gear have changed and evolved as she ranks up.

Adventures in Myth PvP (Wizard101)

Molly Misthead shares what it’s like to get started in ranked PvP on a Level 40 Myth wizard. Check out her gear, deck setup, and more as her adventure begins.

Ask Duelist! Death level 40-49, 1v1

Ask Duelist returns! In this installment, azoresgirl breaks down PvP strategies for Master Death. Includes advice on deck-build, gear and training points… and a nice picture of Diego (that rascal!).

Ask Duelist! Ice 1v1, level 44

This time around, we handle a request for Master Ice 1v1. Duelist’s Gorman brings the breakdown.