Grandmaster Ice & Balance Classic 1v1 Tournament Guide

So you want to do tournaments and want to know how to go about it? Here’s a guide for both Balance and Ice in classic 1v1 tournaments!

Empyrea Test Realm – Grandmaster Crafted Gear

KI snuck in some new Grandmaster Level crafted gear in test realm! Some pieces are even viable as starting gear for level 50 PvP. Come and check it out!

Beginner Grandmaster Myth PvP Guide (1v1)

This Beginner Grandmaster Myth PvP Guide should help you if you’re just starting out, or have worked yourself into the depths of sub-privacy. Give Myth a try!

Grandmaster Ice Warlord Guide

Guide to Grandmaster Ice 1v1 PvP. Jose Breeze shows you how to be a Grandmaster Ice Warlord too!

Verdict of the Dead: Grandmaster Death 1v1 w/ Balance Mastery

Blaze Raven dishes out Death and judgment in his Grandmaster Death 1v1 PvP Guide!

Ask Duelist! Level 55 Life

Do you PvP on a Life Wizard between levels 50-60, or have you played against one? We’re asking readers to share their ideas and strategies for a Theurgist seeking advice for dominating the arena at Level 55.

Grandmaster Balance 1v1 Tournament Guide (Wizard101)

Mycin Dunestaff shares tips and strategies for winning Wizard101 Tournaments in this Grandmaster Balance 1v1 Tournament Guide!

Advanced Balance 50+ PvP Guide

Advanced Balance 50+ PvP Guide – Gear, Spells, and Strategy for your Grandmaster Balance to take you well beyond Warlord.

Level 50 Balance 1v1 Guide (Wizard101 PvP)

Level 50 Balance 1v1 Guide for Wizard101 PvP using a deck that was originally built in 2009. Does it still work? Find out here.

Anything Goes: PvP for your Level 50 Ice

Will brings us a few guidelines on how to gear and what to expect in PvP with a Level 50 Ice.