Community Spotlight: Alexis’ Lvl 38 Ice PvP Guide

The community brings us another PvP guide! This time, we get a look at how Alexis/Fiona handles Magus Ice PvP!

Noob Goes to Warlord: Magus Life PvP Guide

Jeremy tried his hand at Magus Life PvP. Learn what kind of a set-up he used to get to warlord!

Magus Death 1v1 Guide: The Cruel Smite of Death

Magus Death 1v1! At level 30 there are many fearsome schools. Utilizing all of the advantages of a Death with a Myth mastery amulet, you can triumph over your enemies.

No Block, No Problem: Magus vs World

Community Writer Ethan shares some tips on adapting to an arena as a Magus Wizard with no critical block.

2v1: Magus Myth No Crowns 1v1 Guide

Charles Darkflower brings us a Magus Myth No Crowns 1v1 Guide based around minions and the recent Rude Goblin pet.

How to be a Warlord: Magus Death Pt. 1

Project Warlord returns with Magus Death, part one. Psylent goes over setting up: Level, TP, Gear, Pets, Deck, and more.

How to be a Warlord: Magus Death Deck Analysis

Psylent analyzes deck setups of past Duelist101 Mid level Death guides to help Project Warlord, and takes feedback from the community.

The Theurgist’s Notes – Part 2

Victoria Summer returns to her studies as a Magus Theurgist. Adventure lies ahead for this myth wielding wizard!

Burned – An Advanced Magus Fire 1V1 Guide

Daniel Misttalon shares his Magus Fire setup in 1v1, proven to ranks in the near 2000’s. Gear, pet, deck, and breakdown.

Ask Duelist! Magus Balance 2v2

This time, we receive a request for Magus Balance 2v2, and seasoned duelists Blaze Raven and Jason Goldenshield take on the challenge!