Lvl 30-32 Death PvP Guide (Wizard101)

Blaze Raven brings this excellent guide to Death 1v1 for Level 30-32 wizards. Read on for an informative and fun discussion about mid-level Death strategy in Wizard101 PvP!

Magus Storm PVP Guide for 2nd Age

Mid level Storms have always been very rare. Making an Adept or Magus storm wizard is probably one of the toughest things to try. Sean Starbright has modified his Magus Storm PvP 1v1 Deck, and Team Decks to accommodate the changing meta-game of the 2nd age.

The Rain’s Ice Journals (Wizard101)

Kenzie Rain shows off her battle skills in this 2v2 Team PvP Guide for Magus Ice. She and teammate Seth Rain show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to freeze out the opponents.

Critical Strike: The Results

In part 2 of this PvP experiment, Dead Sparrow shows the results! Can a mid-level win using crit rating from pack-gear and pet talents? Read on to see the win/loss record after 50 matches!

Critical Strike: a Magus Experiment

Dead Sparrow tests out mid-level crit gear and no reshuffle for 50 matches. Will it work? Read on to see the specialized pet, gear and video of a mid-level Bolter.

PvP Guide: Magus Storm (no crowns)

Storm is one of the toughest schools to win with at mid-level…but that’s also what makes it fun. Here is a no crowns guide to getting set up as Magus Storm that inclues tips, pics and video of a match.

The Theurgists Notes on the Study of History

Monarch delves into the history books with his new Magus Theurgist, but will Conjuring bring Victoria the success she seeks?

Ask Duelist! Tag Team!

This time, a request for good Mid-level 2v2 schools. Have any good combo advice?

How to be a Warlord: Magus Storm

Project Warlord faces it’s biggest challenge of the series: Magus Storm! See how I set up for matches, then learn details about a Duelist101 livestreaming event/contest: a 6 hour PvP marathon featuring this Storm wizard. And a bunny suit. And possibly me losing a lot.

Ask Duelist! Magus Balance 1v1

Azoresgirl and Gorman team up to help a Magus Sorcerer with some Thaumaturge trouble!

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