Wizard101 – Transcendent Balance 1v1 Guide

Blaze Raven returns with his Transcendent Balance 1v1 Guide. Build, deck, and strategies for playing–and dominating–with a level 75-80 Sorcerer.

Ask Duelist! Level 78 Ice

Ask Duelist receives a request from a Transcended Ice Wizard who wants to improve his PvP game. This time, we ask Readers to help out and offer PvP advice!

Ask Duelist! Life 1v1, Lvl 77

This time, Ask Duelist author Nick offers tips on gear, deck build, and strategy for a Transcendent Life wizard. Includes a bonus video showing his mad dueling skillz in action! 😀

Ask Duelist! Fire 1v1, level 70

A Transcended Fire asks about 1v1 gear, deck setup, and training points.

Ask Duelist! Balance 1v1, level 79

A level 79 Balance wizard asks for advice about facing Necromancers in 1v1.