Storm Archmage PvP: Breaking the Meta

Storm Archmage PvP is an unusual level and school combination to PvP at, but it’s totally possible with the right setup and strategy. Jeremy Ravenhunter shows us how!

Exalted Balance: Control Returns

Exalted Balance PvP guide from Community blog, by Corwin ShadowForge. Read about the different gear selection for not only exalt levels, but also 80+.

Ominous Shadows: Archmage Death 1v1 Guide

Charles Darkflower gives us the complete run through. Deck, gear, strategy, tips, and tricks for succeeding as a level 80 Necromancer in the arena.

Ask Duelist! Level 88 Life, 1v1

Ask Duelist returns! A Level 88 Life asks for PvP help, and multiple tourney-winner theonlyone522 has the answers. See deck-builds, strategy tips and advice for countering each school.

Wizard101- NewComers 1v1 Tournament News

The Newcomer 1v1 Tournament at PvP Central is up and running! Duelist101 is sponsoring this tourney, so we’ll be offering fun prizes to winners and providing regular updates as the matches progress. Read more to learn what you can expect and results from the first batch of fights!

Discharge: Promethean Storm 1v1 Guide, Wizard101

Check out our PvP guide for one of the toughest schools to play: level 90 Storm! New contributor Gorman Sparklemancer has advice on gear/pets, stats you should boost and strategies that can give you the edge.

W101 PvP Brain Stew: Shadowslinger Style #5

Turn up the fun factor! An inside look at my team’s experiences in Wizard101 PvP. Welcome to the group! This series of PvP guides and videos can hopefully show that your matches can be both competetive and fun. We help you prepare for going second in duels. This one has a few surprises.

Archmage Balance – Ice Mastery

Gorman LegendStone (theonlyone522) details everything you need to make your wizard a 1,400 rank Balance Warlord.

Arch Fire 1v1 No Crowns Guide

Want to use your Fire wizard in PvP, but don’t have lots of crowns to drop on Mastery Amulets and fancy wands? This is your guide.

W101 PvP Brain Stew: Shadowslinger Style #3

The strategy series continues with another dual death match. This time vs. double Ice who is built like a tank with automatic resist and shields galore. We will help you get ready for the PvP scene!