Reverse Shrikeology: Exalted Ice 1v1 Guide

Exalted Ice guide through the eyes of Charles SeaGiver on the Duelist101 Community blog. Read through as he writes about PvP with his Ice wizard at max level.

Exalted Balance: Control Returns

Exalted Balance PvP guide from Community blog, by Corwin ShadowForge. Read about the different gear selection for not only exalt levels, but also 80+.

Counterpunch: Promethean Fire 1v1 Guide

Promethean Fire 1v1 PvP Guide with No Hades Gear, No Critical, and No Attack Spamming. This is how to excel in Wizard101 PvP with skill, not luck.

Wizard101 Discarding Under Pressure

Gorman returns with a video demonstration about discarding under pressure. Watch to see how he controls the match and gets the winning cards.

Evergreen: A Promethean Life 2v2 Guide

Jewel Shadowcaster and Chelle bring Duelist a team PvP guide. Thoughts, setup, and explanations on how their two Theurgists climbed the 2v2 ranks to Warlord!

The Conjuring- A Promethean (95) 1v1 Myth PvP Guide

In this level 95 Myth PvP Guide, Jack Dragonshield shares some PvP tips for aspiring Conjurers in search of perfection.

Promethean Balance 1v1 Guide (Wizard101 PvP)

“Breaking the Scales”: Thomas Darkflame brings this high-offense Promethean Balance 1v1 Guide with the gear and strategy for Sorcerers to dominate Level 90 PvP.

Promethean Life 1v1 PvP Guide

Guide to Promethean Life 1v1 PvP in Wizard101. Dealing with critical builds and ranking up using a Life Wizard. Deck, Gear, Strategy, and Video.

Beating Hades Gear and Shrike

Duelist101’s guide to beating Hades Gear and Shrike in Wizard101. Gear and spell advice inside.

Wizard101 – Khrysalis Level 95 Gear

Wizard101 has released some NEW level 95 gear. Check it out in a crown shop near you today!