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The Duelist101 Community is a place where readers can create and share their own content. You simply blog about any aspect of Wizard101 or Pirate101 that you want…others read, comment and share their own posts. And that’s it! Blogs are free for everyone; if you don’t want a blog, but just want to read, leave comments, that’s okay too.

Duelist is always looking for fun content, so if we like an article, we’ll feature it on the main site! Some of our regular Duelist authors also have blogs on Community, so if you’d like to see what Azores, Nick, Psylent, Kenzie, Heather, and Sparrow are up to, check out their most recent posts!


In the Spotlight

You don’t need to be a member to read the Community blogs. Click here to just peek around, see what you think. And then? Sign up!

In the Community Roundup we spotlight just a few of the blogs we’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks. We don’t have room to include all of the posts we liked, so we’ll try to feature new ones in each round-up. (If you missed previous round-ups, we have those archived for you.) Each title is a link, so click on through to learn more about these awesome sites.

Here are some of our favorite Duelist101 blogs!

LifePvPLogan LegendThief – With the release of Darkmoor, level 100 PvP has gotten a major shakeup! Logan has a level 100 Life PvP Guide that covers all the latest changes, and gives nice tips to each school and how to conquer the arena as a life wizard. Very well done!

GoldenHeartGoldenheart’s Chronicles – Mindy Goldenheart showcases an upcoming project that involves her myth wizard – we wish you the best of luck in conquering the spiral on your myth, Mindy!

FrostbiteFrostbite – Paul Fireflame writes about the fun times he had at the Christmas Brawl, and has picture of a massive dance rave! Thanks to everyone that came out, and had a blast!

AztecaA Pyromancer’s Adventure – If you’ve been through Azteca, you know that it is one of the longer worlds, but has some very interesting story and historical connections. In Pyromancer’s post, he goes over what he likes about Azteca, and how his experience is going. Best of luck finishing Azteca!

SavageHuntersEthan – Ethan returns with a great article about how to overcome the challenges of having no block and versing exalted/high level wizards. No Block, No Problem with Ethan’s Triple A method!

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Visit those blogs, leave them some comments. As mentioned, you can set up and run your own Duelist101 blog for free. You just make an account and start posting about anything you like: game pics, quest chronicles, pvp guides, rants, pet info and so on. It’s your blog…post what you want. To get started, check out this post on getting set up in the Community.

That concludes today’s Round-up. What do you want to write about? Sign up, get posting! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, see you in the Community!

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  • Thanks seffus! I am currently working on a pet that MAY get the talents I want. But if all the pets I get are failing, then I will save some good snacks and wait for test realm to see what my pets can get. A PvP project should be coming soon!

  • Cindella

    Aaaand nothing for Pirate101. When was the last world added? 2012?

    • Lazy Leo Nightingale

      They might be working on it now. It’s a lot better to be patient. Especially since Wizard101 is getting an update. And plus they were working on many new things and they have to test everything to make sure it’s all bug-free.

    • swaggy tyler 360


  • swaggy tyler 360

    um i wish they could be a new world called world of light

    and that the new school could be school of light

    new mounts can be the a shadow magic mount and light magic mount

    new pets shadow pets and light pets

    the light school can also be used pvp if pvp people want

    and that the light school has allot of things to farm and allot of quest

    the light school can fight against the shadow school

    that’s my idea idk if ya like it or not or think it is stupid just let me know

    • Logan LegendThief

      I like the car mount idea 🙂

      • swaggy tyler 360


  • tay kyles

    I’m currently working on a project where I explain the origin behind all the spells
    It takes lots of research

    • Good luck putting that together!

    • swaggy tyler 360

      i hope you will 🙂

  • Oh thanks derp! I already have some friends hatching with me.Thanks again for asking. And about the talents, I want to start off with a universal talent pet i.e proof, defy,healing current/fairy and pain giver mainly.

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