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The Duelist101 Community is a place where readers can create and share their own content. You simply blog about any aspect of Wizard101 or Pirate101 that you want…others read, comment and share their own posts. And that’s it! Blogs are free for everyone; if you don’t want a blog, but just want to read, leave comments, that’s okay too.

Duelist is always looking for fun content, so if we like an article, we’ll feature it on the main site! Some of our regular Duelist authors also have blogs on Community, so if you’d like to see what Azores, Nick, Psylent, Kenzie, Heather, and Sparrow are up to, check out their most recent posts!


In the Spotlight

You don’t need to be a member to read the Community blogs. Click here to just peek around, see what you think. And then? Sign up!

In the Community Roundup we spotlight just a few of the blogs we’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks. We don’t have room to include all of the posts we liked, so we’ll try to feature new ones in each round-up. (If you missed previous round-ups, we have those archived for you.) Each title is a link, so click on through to learn more about these awesome sites.

Here are some of our favorite Duelist101 blogs!


2v2iceandmyth Ethan – Duelist Author Ethan has had two posts we really loved over here. First, he describes 2v2 Magus PvP and the many different aspects. We especially love the section Key Aspects, where Ethan discusses the different components to have a great team in Team PvP. His other article, Magus and Ice Myth 2v2, is a great guide for both ranked and tournaments, and is a very extensive guide. We can’t wait to see what Ethan has next for the community, great job!

zafaria-home2About Wizard101 – If you ever are in need for a beginner guide to Wizard101, Omnipotent Sorcerer has provided a great one to the community. From coverage of each school, including astral schools, to every world, and everything in-between, this guide is a perfect one for any new player of Wizard101, or anyone considering playing it. 

bladetrapiconBlade Schools and Trap Schools – Carlos Trollfist gives his opinions on what schools are blade schools and what schools are trap schools. He gives a great view on how traps can be useful!


Shadow Enhanced SpellsDarkmoor Thoughts – With the latest content release, KingsIsle released 4 new dungeons, for levels 25, 40, 60, and 100. Most notably, the 100 one, or Castle Darkmoor, has some amazing gear and spells you can obtain from it. Community member Omnipotent Sorcerer gives the community her feedback about all these updates for the top level and more!

Sportsmanship – A Pyromancer’s Adventures wrote a very great blog post about the importance of sportsmanship. It’s always important to remember to be the best sport, in all aspects of life, winning or losing. We love the post here at Duelist! 

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Visit those blogs, leave them some comments. As mentioned, you can set up and run your own Duelist101 blog for free. You just make an account and start posting about anything you like: game pics, quest chronicles, pvp guides, rants, pet info and so on. It’s your blog…post what you want. To get started, check out this post on getting set up in the Community.

That concludes today’s Round-up. What do you want to write about? Sign up, get posting! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, see you in the Community!

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  • tay kyles

    Go ahead and join the community, people
    This is probably the greatest community out there

    They promote strategy without resorting to underhanded tactics like Watching the Queue and Puppet Teaming which is unhealthy for the arena.
    They promote every aspect of the game, from PvP, to Pet training, to Gardening, to Fishing, to Farming, to Crafting, to Questing
    They’re always on top of their game when KI releases new info and updates
    They promote both sides of the spiral
    They’re willing to help players, both through these guides and in-game
    They host awesome events from time to time
    They heavily encourage sportsmanship and fun in the arena

    I could go on and on……..
    Let’s be honest here, you can’t find another community with these traits
    Not World of Warcraft. Not League of Legends. Not Guild Wars. Not Diablo. Not Final Fantasy.
    Just…………… just………….. just do it. Nothing more to say here

    • Jason

      lol does watching the queue and puppet teaming even exist anymore?

    • swaggy tyler 360

      nice speech bro

  • swaggy tyler 360

    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh i wanna use this so bad! would be so useful in pvp and plus we will all need it in high lvls! :Dlove this update

  • Wolf FairyForge

    Please make it an app.

  • Duelist101 Community is an amazing spot for information acquirement and sharing. It also gives other experienced PvP players to offer tips and advice, write guides that aren’t among Duelist101 Site Faculty, and given that it’s directly linked to the official PvP Wizard101 Fansite, a larger audience is gained and the information becomes more widespread. Duelist101 Community is amaze 🙂

  • swaggy tyler 360

    i have a very good question that i got while playing wizard101 someone asked why aren’t they balance converts or balance shields? and if there is a convert i know the perfect school for it to convert with it can be converted with myth storm life and death so right wt i am asking is for the game to have balance shields and converts and traps too

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