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The Duelist101 Community is a place where readers can create and share their own content. You simply blog about any aspect of Wizard101 or Pirate101 that you want…others read, comment and share their own posts. And that’s it! If you would like a blog, they are completely free. If you don’t want a blog, but just want to read, leave comments, that’s okay too.

Duelist is always looking for fun content, so if we like an article, we’ll even feature it on the main site! And don’t forget, there are also contests that happen in the Community for fun prizes.


In the Spotlight

You don’t need to be a member to read the Community blogs. Click here to just peek around, see what you think. Then, sign up in order to begin commenting, creating your own posts.

In the Community Roundup we spotlight just a few of the blogs we’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks. We don’t have room to include all of the posts we liked, so we’ll try to feature new ones in each round-up. 

For now, check out these Duelist101 blogs!



Skullcrafter_ice deckJack’s Graveyard of Skullcrafters   In this blog, Jack is offering not one PvP guide, but two! His Level 90 Death 1v1 PvP guide features a creative deck for Necromancers with dispels and no heals whatsoever! He also shares his very successful Ice level 76 1v1 PvP guide which brought him to overlord. 



Zachary Strider_mythChronicles of Mid-level PvP  We’ve actually featured Zachary’s blog on a previous Roundup, but he’s been busy posting some new adventures – including a Magus Fire deck minus Heckhound, a “no-Crowns” Magus Storm build that he calls the “Ultimate PvP Gauntlet”, and an undefeated Magus Myth deck! If you love mid-level PvP, you’ll find lots of great information on this blog.



Nick_chronicleJonathan Shadowalker  Duelist author Nick shares his thoughts from PvP in his “Notes from a Warlord”. In his Community blog, Nick gives some insight into his thought process during matches when he tests builds for writing PvP guides.  Follow his ups and downs with the World Burner build, and track his progress for the Magus Life/Balance Amulet Warlord Guide




kevin-the-noob-drawing-sparklefountain-150x150Kevin the Noob  When he’s not being chased by giant eyeballs or making videos, Kevin blogs on Duelist101 Community! Check out his fan art and stay updated on what Kevin is up to between episodes. Also, we’ve included some – ahem – very “special” PvP Wisdom from Kevin in the video below!



Shadowslinger-Web-Icon-Thumbnail-for-Blog-150x108Heather Shadowslinger’s Corner – Why does Heather have over 2,000 Youtube subscribers and growing daily? Because she makes absolutely the best videos on the interwebs! She reached 1,000 subs on April 10th and rapidly grew to 2,000 subs on July 3rd. If you haven’t subscribed to her channel yet, you’re missing out!




Join the Community Today!

It’s free!

Visit those blogs, leave them some comments. As mentioned, you can set up and run your own Duelist101 blog for free. You just make an account and start posting about anything you like: game pics, quest chronicles, pvp guides, rants, pet info and so on. It’s your blog…post what you want. To get started, check out this post on getting set up in the Community.

That concludes today’s Round-up. What do you want to write about? Sign up, get posting! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, see you in the Community!


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  • Tyler Moonblade

    Aren’t Heather and the person who makes Kevin the noob already apart of duelist… like staff members?

    • yep, the community has readers making blogs, and duelist writers are also making content there as well, it’s a big mix of styles and topics. the roundup is just letting people know about recent posts.

    • chamender3

      Yes in fact Jonathon Shadowwalker also happens to be our humble owner Nick 🙂

  • Anthony FireSword

    Anime style Kevin… awesome, just awesome 😀

  • theonlyone522

    oh master teach my your ways!

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    It’s been a bit for the third part of Kevin the Noob on Season 2.

  • Jason Asrinki

    I’m on here again O: Ty guys!

  • Jack Doeseverythinglikeaboss S

    Oh Thanks for mentioning me 🙂 More stuff coming your way duelist!

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