Spiraling into Shadow

Spiraling into Shadow

James Earthwalker is a contributor on the Duelist101 community. We’re featuring part one of this wizard101 story right here and provide you with the links to the other chapters he has written so far. Go read his lovely story! You could write your own stories on the community as well!


Chapter One

The bell rung, and the door to the School of Myth burst open. Out of the yellow building poured dozens of Conjurers, of every shape and kind, buzzing with gossip and harping about Mr. Drake’s unfair grading scale. Some waved to Ivan as they passed by, others ignored their school tree entirely. It payed no notice; after all, such was the fate of Myth.

Slowly blinking its solitary eye, Ivan gazed upon students of every school of magic file out to socialize in the Commons. The tree watched as a young student scampered out of the Life School, desperately fumbling with the potted Dandelion Wu had assigned as extra credit. It watched a young male Diviner chatting it up with a female Pyromancer, the girl clearly bored out of her mind listening to the boy’s lightning-fast chatter. Eventually the only sounds that could be heard were the faint pulses of water passing by and the occasional rustling of leaves overhead. All was peace.

Minutes passed. Hours. The Tree of Myth stood entrenched in its place, listening to Blossom sing for Torrence while Bernie and Kelvin engaged in playful banter. Silently,  Ivan twisted its trunk and gazed downward upon its shadow, now elongated in the evening sun.

“You may come out now,” the tree rumbled.

The shadow quivered. A portion of the shade broke off of the larger whole, sliding its way up the wall of the nearby Myth School school and elongating to form a large black oval. The dark hole rippled, as if a pool of water, and a dark figure emerged from its depths.



The creature silently gazed at Ivan, its eyeless stare sending a chill down Ivan’s roots. Its dark staff quivered in its grip as its wings drooped to its sides. The pale blue marks on its cheeks pulsed with an unholy light, illuminating the featureless face underneath its hood. The creature’s pitch-black robe rustled as it walked off the grass onto the nearby pathway, its round blue feet creating small ripples of blackness with every step. Ivan shuddered; it had never been fond of Shadow back in its days as a sapling, and it certainly wasn’t now.

The Shadow Seraph tilted its head. “I apologize,” it said mouthlessly, its voice distorted and masked. “I did not mean to make you afraid.”

Hitting the end of its staff on the stone beneath it, the creature of Shadow was surrounded by a whirlwind of black energy. Strings of darkness enveloped the creature, weaving in and out until parting to reveal a young man in a dark green cloak. The dark slithered its way down the wizard’s legs and stretched out beside him to form a shadow.

Satisfied, the Theurgist opened his eyes, expressionless. A moment later and he was doubled over, coughing something horrible and shaking like a dead leaf. Trembling, the wizard, pale as a Ghoul and lips cherry-red with blood, staggered forward, struggling to get on his feet. Hands shaking, he brought a flask of Potion to his lips and quickly downed it, renewed by the familiar taste and warmth. Color briefly returned to his face as he blinked several times, regaining composure. Renewed, he calmly rose to his feet, skillfully kicking his discarded staff up and back into his hand. Relaxing his tense muscles, he turned to the Myth Tree, witness to all that had transpired.

“Thanks for letting me hang out with you,” the Theurgist said mildly.
Ivan furrowed its brow. “I am concerned for you, young wizard. One should not be dabbling in Shadow for such long periods of time.”

“I know, I know,” the student of Life replied glumly. “I’m just… not good with people, you know?”
“Your friend Travis would say otherwise,” Ivan rumbled.
“Yeah, well, Travis is Travis.”

“I suppose,” the tree said. “Still intent on seeing Cyrus?”
The wizard looked down. “Yes. I… I need to give him something.”
Ivan’s eye narrowed. “I see. He’s been quite worried about you and your friends, you know.”
The Theurgist nodded. “I expected as much. I’ve seen Dworgyn already, but I wanted to see Mr. Drake… personally.”
“Take care, young wizard,” Ivan said. “Oh, and one more thing… tread lightly.”

The Life wizard nodded and turned to walk to the School of Myth, arriving at its doors within a few steps. His staff throbbed with dark energy as the leaves crowning its head rustled uneasily. The wizard fidgeted uncomfortably, patting his side pocket to ensure the knapsack on his belt was still there. Taking a deep breath, James Earthwalker pushed the door open with his free hand and walked into the classroom.

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