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Welcome to the new Duelist101 Community Area! We started as a blog dedicated to making the best Wizard101 and Pirate101 PvP guides, but one thing we quickly realized was that our community has a lot to say. We get emails, almost daily, from players who would like to submit an article or with suggestions on something they’d like to see discussed at Duelist101. So, Duelist101 Community has been created to put the power in your hands.

Do you want to write a Character Chronicle? Do you want to write guides? Just want to have a place to talk about Wizard or Pirate101? Duelist101 Community is for you!

Now you can make your own blog, create a Wizard/Pirate profile, add friends, comment on your own posts or other user’s posts, and check out an activity stream of everything that is going on right now! We’ll also be doing weekly roundups on the Duelist101 blog where we feature the best Community articles of the week, discuss hot Community topics, and more!

Sign up for an account today, and feel free to make a site where you can post your own Wizard101 or Pirate101 articles!