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Level 50 Myth

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The Request

I recently made a Myth school wizard. He is currently on level 41 and I plan on doing PvP when I reach level 50.

I have not spent any training points yet, though I plan on doing every available training point quest except for the lounging lizards in Celestia (I have not purchased that world). I have not played Myth before and I cannot decide what gear I should use then.

I have a pet that has Spritely, Pain giver, an accuracy bonus, and I plan on getting Proof. I do *not* have crowns, even though I might buy some for  Mount Olympus. Since I have not purchased Celestia I have not access to astral spells but I can always pack some in my side deck.

Can you give me some tips on how to spend my training points and what gear to get?

Daniel (DMT001) Looks at the Gear, Deck and the Strategy for this request.


The Build

At level 50 the best gear available to you is all of your Grandmaster gear.


Spiderkeepers Storyveil



Malistare’s Unhallowed Tunic



Kraysys’ Subterfuge Slippers



Raven’s Peridot Talon 



Malistaire Drake’s Ruby Signet



Nightshade’s Choker



the Sky Iron Hasta


(or any wand that gives a power pip, I like the Hasta for the extra 10% damage.)



Anything you have. I strongly suggest getting a pet with Proof and defy and at least one heal.

For the stats below, I have put in a pet with Spell Proof, Paingiver, Spritely and Sharp Shot (accuracy Bonus).

Note- if you have any Crown gear or Pack gear – even if it is a little lower level and has some resist on it – you might want to use it. This gear has some nice damage in it so it works pretty well.

All the gear listed here is Farmable in Dragonspyre with exception of the Athame, Amulet, and Wand. The Athame and Amulet can be purchased at Bazaar, and the Wand is from Mount Olympus.


The Stats

Using the gear listed above, your stats for your level 50 Conjurer are shown here:


Training Points

Here’s how I recommend spending your training points. Don’t forget to check out the Duelist Training Point Calculator too!

That is 16 to 17 training points.

You will have 20 training points at level 50 without the Lounge lizards in Celestia.


The Deck


The Strategy


With this build you are very vulnerable to damage. You only have 10% resist to all. You want to see a Myth on the opposite side of the field as you have 50% resist to Myth.

This set up is all about aggression. You want to hit hard and fast. Shield and Blade during the first round or two then get Infallible up and hit. Combo the Minotaurs. Keep your bubble out, try and keep a minion on the field. The Cyclops Minion is great for doing a bunch of damage and Golem Minion is great to take down Towers and distract your opponent.

You will need to get your Infallible out when you really want to Spike your Damage. You want to infect your opponent and hit hard and fast.  Pull your attacks from the side if possible. All attacks in side are enchanted with Monstrous. Your Minotaurs hit for a bunch of damage, and with the double hit you don’t have to worry about shields. Quake down their blades to minimize damage to yourself.

This Strategy will work, as shown here in Myth PvP Update #3 A Misthead`s Adventure. Although this was done at level 40  for Myth, it will work for level 50 as well.

Once you gain some rank and tickets I would recommend swapping out the gear for The Warlord Gear. I did a run using this set up on my Myth, Level 50 who is currently ranked at around 1500. I was against a Private Fire level 65. I was in first and was able to do some big damage early on. He did get an unbuffed Critical Efreet on me that hurt. He had a Fire Dispel on me, and I only had 1 Wand in my hand. I had to heal a bit and ended up using an Earthquake to take the weakness off because he had stacked 2 blades and was building pips. I ended up pulling out the win 2 rounds later with a Minotaur.

It is possible to win with this set up. Starting out you should not see any players with critical, but as you rank up it will become a common occurrence. That is why you will need to upgrade the gear for both resist and critical block.

Good luck. I hope this helps in some way. Remember don’t get frustrated from the losses, learn from it and become a stronger Duelist.

Most of all Have fun.

  • Bob Sander

    is it not better to use zeus armor in mount olympus? It has more dmg, pip chance, and resistance for life and death.

  • W101 and P101 player

    My Myth Wizard is Level 52, however since he is having to buy crowns he is still on MooShu. Is there any other way to get the hat, robe, boots, ring and deck?

  • Meeperstein101

    How is this with pve and if it isn’t very good with pve, then can you make a guide on one?

    • Meeperstein101

      Also what do you do if you are against a myth enemy/boss (in pve)

    • this is a pvp site. if you’re looking for pve, go to central or something

  • justin seahand

    can somebody make a 1v1 pvp myth level 60 guide

  • MalevolentChild

    i have a level 22 myth and he’s captain without using treasure cards lol noobs who use treasure cards be like “i’m pro using other spells that aren’t for my class cause i can’t play my class good enough” i be like i know lolol i’m sorry but it’s true…

  • WilliamD

    i currently have a lvl 50 myth however i have access to strong and i have ninja pigs as a permanent spell as well as have the option of life mastery or balance mastery, what would you suggest i change with that in mind?

  • derek rodgriguez

    does this still work for a myth lvl 53?

    • KrazyPanda123


  • I’m pretty sure the zeus gear is the best gear possible until celestia now (excluding crowns gear). Even better than the DS gear.

    • Yes I would agree. Although you lose a little HP, you pick up some nice healing boost and some power pips. These will always be helpfull. Also the resist to life and death is nice. The only problem is losing the resist to Myth.

  • Best case scenario: would you suggest life mastery instead of nightshades and therefore training life to satyr as well as strong? This would mean you cannot train conviction and probably play a slower tempo game.

    • Yes if you had access to a Life Mastery I would for sure use it on Myth. The request above was for a no crowns build. I actually run a Life Mastery on my myth.

  • So say that I got a lvl 50 fire? Should I use a wand that gives a life wand spell to take off life dispels or go with the +10% damage wand from mount Olympus? I am using a balance mastery though so as a fire I been using the fire wand with extra damage to remove fire dispels, already weaknesses first turn if no link up, and hitting with monstrous fire elfs+killing any minions with monstrous scalds/meteors/dragons and finishing up with heckhounds. It seems to work but not sure if I should change to my style of playing which is a low tempo match as I like to worry about keeping my minion up and there’s down while preparing to combo there face in.

    • If you are used to using a fire wand I say go with the Hasta, the extra 10 damage is great. I would not worry to much about life dispells, leave it to your pet to take them off, with balance mastery, Availing hands in side should be your main heal, more HP than Satyr and it heals for 3 rounds.

      I have not done level 50 fire since DS days. I have just noticed with my other level 50 Wizards, the low tempo match is not always the best at that level. At 50 once you hit warlord and up you tend to get a lot of level 65 to 75 wizards, some you can set up some you can take down quick. I usualy play a more low tempo game myself, but will kick it up to high tempo when I have to.

      This Myth build has to be high tempo, because of the lack of resist. You cannot tank out hits, so you have to put them on the defencive right away. Make them use pips healing instead of hitting you. If they hit you you are going down, so turn it and make them feel the pain.

      If you are fully geared fire, I can see a low tempo game still working. My level 38 fire plays a pretty low tempo game with minions, and he has beaten a number of level 50 warlords, so a level 50 fire should still be able to play that way as well.

  • Well, about time I saw a myth guide that includes the golem minion 🙂

    • How could you not use it, lol. It has been a staple in my Myth deck since I trained the spell. He is just a pesky little guy. When you are first and low on pips, he is great to put into play. Hits every round so he is constantly clearing shields. I have had people kill him with 4 and 5 pip spells because they had no wands in hand. He is great to put out near the end of a deck when they need to reshuffle. Some people even leavehim alone because they do not see him as a threat.
      Love that little guy.

      • I believe you forgot to suggest training Cloak, since it is in deck but not on recommendations 🙂

        • You are correct. I did forget that one. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Thank you for this guide! I have always wanted to make a level 50 Conjurer Wizard in PVP! I will try this guide!
    I appreciate this guide as the meta-game turns to level 50 and 60 wizards. Thank you so much!

  • I find it extremely useful to have about 1/4 of the side deck to be monstrous tc or pre- enchanted attacks with monstrous or accuracy enchant on it. This way you do more damage and nothing is wasted. I got my fire (level 12), storm (level 35), balance (level 50), and death (level 90) to warlord this way. Of course with the death i use the actual enchants now though.

    • I agree, the enchants help a ton. I usually have half enchanted on my myth and half in Monster so I can enchant as I go. where as on my fire I have them all enchanted before I start. Just the way I play the schools.

      • Is Ninja Pigs a good spell for that level?

        • Yes Ninja pigs is a great 5 pip spell. Enchanted with Monster it is very deadly.

  • train strong and get mc infallible on the pet

    • The user does not have access to Celestia to train strong. I agree Infallable on the pet is great, pretty much recomended for almost anyone in PvP these days.

  • I have to say this turned out pretty good. Oh, and looks like I’m the first comment..somehow 😉

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