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Level 78 Ice

Ask Duelist continues to receive interesting questions about Wizard101 PvP from players of all levels and schools. This time, we’re asking our readers to contribute YOUR advice for a Transcended Ice Wizard who is looking to improve his PvP game.

Read further and let us know in the Comments how YOU would play Level 78 Ice PvP!


The Request

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I would like to ask for some advice on my level 78 Ice Wizard. He is level 78 and has not yet reached legendary crafter, but when I do I would like some gear choices. But at the moment I would just like additional farmed or bought gear. You know, the basics.

Back during the first age the Brisk Nodor Armor was my robe (I was a health noob lol) and I had 22 resist. I had started to get into PvP a month before they reset the ranks. I was almost corporal back then. The thing is… I need advice on everything! Gear, Pets, Deck, and so forth.

I am still working on Zeke Quests to get training points so I don’t have Colossal or Satyr. Which makes me mad as a Frost Giant from Kevin the Noob lol. Berserk is my only star school spell.  .__.


Here is my current gear:

      • Hat: Frostbit Hood
      • Robe: Poseidon’s Icy Seas Armor
      • Boots: Frostbit Boots
      • Ring: Brisk Circle of Nodor
      • Athame: Shivering Short Blade
      • Amulet: Armigers Amulet of Aiming
      • Pet: Ancient Giraffe: +Fairy Card, Spritely, Life Proof
      • Wand: Aquilan Gladius and Shield (level 70)

 My stats:

      • 5240 Health
      • 34 Ice Boost
      • 31 Resist and 39 Life Resist (my pet)
      • 9 Ice accuracy Boost and 6 accuracy boost
      • Critical 102 Ice
      • Critical Block 82
      • Pierce 6

My Deck against Six Schools is the first one.

My Deck against Balance is the Second one.

My Side Deck is the Third one.

lvl 78 Ice_1

lvl 78 Ice_2

lvl 78 Ice_3

I don’t understand. Back during the first age when I decided to get into PvP I was doing fine, but now I can’t win any matches. Which frustrates me. I have heard “That’s Great!” from friends but I don’t feel that it is working out. I have some pretty nice pierce but I feel I need a little more from stats like resist and critical block. If you can explain show me some better strategies and gear that would be great!

Thanks! Bye!

Can you help out with PvP advice?

What would you do?

Tell us in the Comments! 


  • cole_skyblade

    man i wish there was a article for balance i need it
    become warlord and i am level 100 so

  • domidbz70

    you might wanna add some snow drift worst enemy of balance healing XD

  • Vrael

    Hi there,
    I am late to this thread (am known for it, new to duilist).
    Anyhow after reading and seeing your deck setup and also gear i feel all together your set up is not designed to play ice effectively or to its max potential. Gear needs an upgrade for obvious reasons and i feel your deck has far too many things/spells then it should. Deck needs to be simplified to the point where it works against every school and also easier to be used while during your matches. As always in order to be a good duilist much factors in then just deck and gear setup although they are an important part of the over all game plan.

    I would be more then interested in talking about ice pvp and deck setups with you in the game, if you are interested in the offer. 🙂
    Sorry my teply as it stands is not much help doe you to improve your game and i do aplogize for it but as it is i am just trying to get in touch with you per say.

    You can pm or vm me on wiz central, i use the same name if you are interested in talking about ice. Thx

  • If you can buy back your training points, then get satyr, colossal, infallible, weakness, (and do not get moon spells; they are pretty useless in pvp.) I also recommend a pet with spell proof and spell defy. Having a heal talent along with that is good too. For the ring, try crafting the wintertusk ring of valor, or stellar signet. For the athame, try crafting either the garnet bear claw or cosmic kris. And you also might wanna include some school shields in the deck. For example, have volcanic shield in there, as well as legend shield. You dont want to rely on nothing but tower.

  • Thx guys, but more advice is still needed.

  • Hello my chilly little friend, I’d be glad to help. The first thing that I’ve noticed is your choice of rung/amulet/athame, and how you do not have a life amulet. I COMPLETELY understand if you can’t get one (they rarely drop, and not everyone can use crowns items), but if so, your choice of ring/athame does not work with this. Due to the fact that healing is not as pip effective for you without an amulet, you need squeeze as much of a heal out of them as possible, so crafting the stellar signet and cosmic kris would be a good way to do this (they only need grandmaster artisan and when combined, provide a nice 42 in/40 out heal, which is just under a X2 multiplier for heals. for example: 400+40%=560, and 560+42%=795 rounded down, more if you decide to stick with ww). As for gear, getting crafted Avalon is a number 1 priority. Even just about 2 years later, and it is still arguably ice’s best gear… even during the khrysalis age. Until then though, I would recommend just going full ww (I haven’t seen the stats on the Poseidon robe, so I’m just assuming its like the other schools who’s is slightly worse than ww, so a picture of it would be nice). As for the order to craft the Avalon stuff in, work your way from the ground up (literally in this case), with boots first, robe second and hat last (ordered in their usefulness). Your wand is just fine (with Avalon crafted, you have a nice 178 universal block) and the armor pierce can really help you, what with ice’s naturally low damage boosts and all, plus that armor pierce will boost your attacks far more than some critical (which, lets face it, your ice. What are the odds of a critical from ice even landing?). But if your block seems to be failing consistently (as unlikely as that is), it might be a good idea to switch to the sword of kings, though this will make weaknesses and towers more of a concern, plus a slight decrease in your damage output. The biggest thing to work on is your pet. The lack of spell proof will likely your downfall at the higher ranks. I would at the very least recommend spell proof and spritely, and if possible, fairy and spell defy on top of that. For ice, a rain beetle or any pet that provides an item dragon/ice/balance blade will also be nice, though rain beetle will be better if you decide to use the sword of kings (as an alternate weakness/tower breaker to your ice wands). This is just the 1st half of the advice I can offer, part 2 will include deck composure, spell purchases and school strategies. Until then, hope this helps.

    • OK, sorry it took a little longer to get back to you, but here I am with the deck composure. The first thing that I notice is the use of polymorphs in your deck. Sure, they used to be good utility spells when CL first came out, but now they are a death wish. Why exactly? Simple, for 6 rounds you are leaving yourself nearly, if not completely block-less and resist-less (with the exception of the gobbler and elemental polys, but these only provided resist to 1/7 schools), plus with the lack of shields and weaknesses they offer, your giving your opponent 5 free set up rounds and a 6th to get a big kill in on you, left with little (if any) way to defend yourself. As for the deck, as far as I can see, you will need to invest (ideally) at least 6 more points into additional purchases (3 for weakness, 1 for colossal, 1 for reshuffle, and 1 for infallible: colossal is the least important of these for ice though, so save it for last), and if you can spare a 7th one: infection. Another important thing you will want to work on is your side board proportions. I can speak from experience that using your main deck for like 99% of your attacks can be a little bothersome at times (most people on duelist have seen how I gear up for a 1v1), but ice cannot do it very well for one reason: pure damage output. In order to hit large amounts of damage ice needs buffs, and lots of them. More buffs/debuffs means more main deck space used. More main deck space invested in utility means less room for offensive moves. One thing I would recommend is pre-enchanting a good sum of frostbites and snow angels (at your level, these hit like a truck) with tc gargs, as well as some giants, blizzards and mammoths (farming loremaster for winter moon could also be a very wise idea). Assuming you can purchase all of these, your deck should be: 6 colossal OR gargs, 2 reshuffle, 5 infallibles, 3 legend shields, 7 towers, 6 weaknesses, 7 iceblades, 4 elemental blades, 4 balefrosts, 4 minions, 1 stun block, 5 infections, 4 pixies, 2 angels, 2 frostbites and 2 mammoths. Don’t worry about the lack of volcanic: tower/weakness combined with Avalon crafted is MORE than adequate fire/storm defense, or the “lack” of attacks (once you’ve used 2/3 of your reshuffles, you’ll have a good 18 attacks main, plus side, AND still have 1 more shuffle). As for the side deck: 2/3 offense and 1/3 utility should work nicely: I’d imagine 7 angels, 8 frostbites, 5 colossus, 4 pixies, 4 infection and 2 infallible should work. Note about infection: USE IT OVER DISPELS. Without a mastery, you will either tie the pip war (or most likely lose it with wand spells, off school hits and pet mcs), plus infection is 0 pips, so it is good to use right before a big hit to REALLY push them into a corner (Also an important note here: I have never PvP’d as an ice wiz (outside of single digits), so all strategies here are purely theoretical, not experimental. If anyone else could help contribute buy replying, please do so). I know I said that part 2 would also contain school strategies, but this post is getting kinda long, so I’ll finish it up in part 3. Till then, happy dueling.

      • Thank you for the thoughtful reply, Anthony!

      • Well now that I can craft it I am going for the Avalon Crafted Gear! >:)

    • Do you mind if I use the Avalon Crafted Boots that give 83 critical block?

  • Time to get a pet with proof and defy?

    • If you know anyone who is willing to hatch with me, then I would really appreciate it.

      • If you have a twitter, send me a dm with a tfc. I have a:
        -Rain Beetle with Pain-giver, Spritely, Fairy, Spell-proof, and Spell-defying
        -Nutcracker with MC Tower Shield, MC Healing Current, Spell-proof, Fairy, and Unicorn
        -Rain Gnome with Pain-giver, Spell-proof, Fairy, and Spritely

        I’ll be glad and willing to hatch with you anytime 🙂 I suggest choosing the Rain Beetle though. The cards it gives come very handy in PVP especially for Ice. That’s coming from a fellow Thaumaturge 🙂

  • On first thought, he has too many attacks that he won’t be using. He should excnange some of them for school specific shields, since towers are easily taken off.
    I would think you’d want tc blades, but they are easily taken off. If you can, train infection or myth dispel.
    Maybe add a few sprite, so you can take off infects easily.
    That’s all I could think of f or now.

  • Why is polymorph treat in deck for the first guide?

    • This is the deck he has been using. He’s asking for advice on ways to improve his gear, deck, etc.

    • Its not a guide.

    • I am kind of doing the oppsite of a guide, I am asking for advice, not going others advice. Derp.

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