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Magus Balance 2v2

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The Request

Hey, I’ve gotten my balance wizard to warlord by doing purely 1v1, he’s level 30 now. Now, I really want to try 2v2, but I’m not really sure about a strategy there. Here’s my gear…Balance

  • Full commander gear
  • Mega Rain Beetle with MC SmokeScreen, MC Pierce, MC Fairy, Defy and Pain giver (yeah I’m trying for proof, defy, fairy/sprite but I can never seem to get double resist lol)
  • Sky Iron Hasta (Gives 10% Damage, 1 Power Pip)
  • HeartSteel
  • Diego’s level 25+ ring
  • NightShade’s Choker (gives two 30% weaknesses)
  • Deck of the Lotus

NOTE: Currently farming tickets so I can buy Duelists Daredevil Ring and possibly Duelists Fatal Razor from Brandon Mistborn.
I’ve tried 2v2 once with my level 38 storm friend, also a warlord, with pretty much the same gear as me, and we lost that match. They were two death warlords, we weren’t really prepared for those Deer Knights 😛 Also, I’m debating whether to use HeartSteel or Duelists Fatal Razor. HeartSteel gives 5% resist, which I need, as my pet doesn’t have spell proof. BUT Duelists Fatal Razor gives 8% attack, 2-3% incoming/outgoing heal boost, and 100 more health, bringing my attack up to the mid 50’s with that ring equipped too. I’m leaning towards Duelists Fatal Razor… Anyways I’m really stumped on this 2v2 thing lol.
I also have a few other friends from different schools I could 2v2 with, so I’d also like to know what other school(s) would “work well” in 2v2 with me.  If you could help me find a good strategy and deck setup, I’d appreciate it, and my friend would too. Thanks.
— Hunter D.

And now, Jason GoldenShield and I, mostly Jason, have teamed up for your request :).

Gear Advice

For now, your pet will do. At Magus, what is needed at minimum is either MC Sprite or MC Fairy (if not both) and a resist pet. With that pet, your resist will fall between 40%-45%, depending on if you choose to use the Heartsteel athame or not.

A couple of notes about your gear:

  •  Using Heartsteel in place of a pet with proof isn’t worth it. The loss of Power Pip chance isn’t beneficial in the long run. I advise you for now to buy the Steadfast Steel from Diego for 300 tickets. Yes, it will slightly set you back on buying the Duelist’s Fatal Razor; at the same time, it will make your journey easier.
  • Your pet having MC Pierce can actually be an effective Balance pet; it’s especially great when it activates while you’re 2nd on the round your opponent used Tower Shield and you hit. It will slightly even the game if you go 2nd, but note its activation rate is very low.


Training Point Advice


Ice to Tower Shield (5 pts)

Cloak (1 pt)

Infection (1 pt)

Conviction (1 pt OPTIONAL)

Entangle (1 pt OPTIONAL)


The Deck

Notes on your 2v2 Deck:

  • If you ever get a Life Mastery Amulet, substitute Helping Hands, a Balanceblade, and a Spectral Blast for 3 Entangles.
  • Switch the Elemental Blades to Spirit Blades, depending on the school of your partner.
  • As for the minions in the main deck, they are crucial. Due to the lack of effective healing that goes along with this deck, the Mander Minion (Hungry Eyes as Blaze calls it) is the perfect counter to bladestacking. Not only does the Elemental Shield against those pesky 6-blade elemental aoes, it will give your opponent the incentive to hit prematurely.
  • As far as the side deck goes, I suggest leaving some Monstrous cards in the side deck, just so you have free will in the match on what to enchant. Having pre-enchanted cards is always a good idea; that’s why this deck has both.
  • Swap out Wyldfire in the sideboard to the appropriate field based on your partner.
  • That’s Aftershock, not Earthquake.



 I would advise you team with someone who has a Life Mastery Amulet. It’s never a good idea to team with someone who can’t heal you if you are defeated. Considering you’re lacking a Life Mastery yourself, a good partner would be a Fire, Ice, or Myth with a Life Mastery Amulet. These schools in particular hit hard (yes, even an Ice can hit hard if buffed appropriately) and all have devastating AoE hits.

School Specific Teaming

Ice buttonIce

When teaming with an Ice wizard, you already have Frost Beetle trained. Feel free to swap out some of the cards in the main deck to fit in 1-2 Frost Beetles. Also, feel free to add some Ice Elf treasure cards to your sideboard to prevent shields from building up.

Storm buttonStorm

When teaming with a Storm, the best shield removers you can do, without training training Fire Elf and mutating it, will be the 0 pip Rain Beetle mutates from the Bazaar. If you feel like you will be teaming with a Storm more long term, invest in a Rain Beetle pet.  Not only will it clear a shield, it clears a white pip and leaves you with a 25% Balanceblade.

Fire buttonFire

When teaming with a Fire, you should add 1-2 Link treasure cards to your sideboard. Not only are these cards perfect for clearing shields, they will also clear your own Weakness and Infections. Guess what? There’s more! These amazing little 2 pip spells can clear white pips and Fire Shields from your opponent.

Life buttonLife

Life is the only school I do not advise you team with. Not to say it can’t be done well, it’s just tough to get the job done. The one good part of this is that you should be able to keep healing down effectively. With Life Dispels from your partner and Infections from the two of you, you should be able to knock your opponents down slowly. Depending on how you spent your TP, you may or may not have have Imp trained. If you do, I’d suggest adding them when teaming with a Life. If not, using a Life wand, even one that gives a white pip, could be useful. Considering you are in for a longer match, you don’t want to rely on treasure card shield cleaners.

Death buttonDeath

This combo is extremely effective if you have the right tools. If you don’t have the proper tools going into the match, I don’t advise this. Deer Knight is the main essential to pull off this deathly combo. This team calls for a fast tempo match, with quick hits, keeping your opponents on the defensive for the majority of the match. As for a card that can be used to clear shields, your best bet is to use a Death Bat. You can use this card to break multiple shields before your partner strikes, or you can use this after your partner does Deer Knight to prevent Triage. The use of this card is directly related to your order in the arena.

Myth buttonMyth

When teaming with a Myth, there is no real DoT you can use to break shields. A good strategy would be to have them bring out their minion to help clear shields. Generally, if you’re following the plan to take out one, you shouldn’t have to worry about clearing shields. Myth’s double hits, such as Minotaur and Orthrus, make shielding a tough job. However, a couple Bloodbats in your sideboard wouldn’t hurt.

Balance buttonBalance

When teaming with a fellow Balance, clearing shields won’t be a problem. Any attack you use on your opponents will clear Tower Shields. Generally, you want to make the 2nd person the hitter. Feint->Judge is a perfect combo that should be fairly easy to execute. You shoud be able to put up a blade or two on the 2nd person in no time, considering you both will have it trained. This combo allows you quick Reshuffles to duplicate the necessary shields you have cloaked. A couple Fire Elf treasure cards to remove Towers is a good idea as well.



Without a Life Mastery you are at a disadvantage, to say the least. However, how can you use this to your advantage?


Picture a 2v2. Your partner has a Life Mastery Amulet while you do not. Who will they infect? Who will they dispel? Who will they try to take out first? To all of these questions, the answer is your partner. By now, if you’ve been reading other guides on Duelist, you will know the key to all types of PvP is the element of surprise. With them expecting your partner to heal when you are low on health, it could be the perfect time for you to use a 7-pip Rebirth from your side deck, while your partner hits. Just make sure make good use of this surprise heal – chances are they will start infecting and dispelling you afterwards.

Remember to clear Infections, Weakness, etc. as needed.

As for leading up to this costly usage of pips, Empower can be one’s best friend. Even if this would mean losing a power pip for 3 white pips, this is still an effective plan for preparing to Rebirth.

When you’re being plagued by those pesky white pips, we’d advise using Bladestorm or a 1-2 pip off-school spells, such as Ice Beetle or Pixie, to clear them. Using a tri blade on your partner will work as well. Be smart about clearing white pips, though, because in some cases, it’s unnecessary or a setback.

As for Judgement, one of the best tools a Balance wizard has, the problem many Balance wizards experience is when to use it. A good strategy to stick by in 2v2 is to take out one of your opponents, making the match a 2v1. The downside of Judgement is the fact that it takes all of your pips. Therefore, be sure to use it only if it is guaranteed to defeat a member of the opposing team. If your Judgement fails to do the dirty deed, make sure you follow up next round to ensure the match goes the way you planned. Always remember: the Feint in your side deck is there for a reason! In general, you want to debuff spam the remaining opponent with dispels and Infection, so they cannot recover. When that’s done, move in for the kill by whatever means available.

Side note from Blaze: If you use Judgement, I will find you.

Side note from Jason: He’s serious.

Having cards that correlate directly to your partner’s deck is essential in being a team player. A DoT in your sideboard, of your partner’s school, can be a wise play in trying to save your partner’s blades when trying to kill that pesky living opponent.


By now, you should be well versed in the art of Magus Balance 2v2 and on the path to success. If not, blame Blaze. We know this will be tough at times, and matches won’t always go your way.

But always remember: it’s Blaze’s fault. If you lose a match, blame Blaze. If your cards don’t show up, blame Blaze. If the grass is too green, blame Blaze.

Overall though, this guide was enjoyable to make with Blaze. Our fascinating pattern of guide writing is like no other. In fact, it’s so fascinating that I’m surprised we actually wrote this guide at all. We discussed many guide-related topics, ranging from school to Blaze’s personal life..(Don’t ask) Anyways, we hope you find success in using this guide, and we also hope you have fun and improve along the way.


  • Billy Garvey

    Hehe… Googling strategies for magus balance 2v2 and this came up. I feel like I should troll people by liking their comments from years ago….

  • Guneet

    I am level 50 death without Crowns.. can you give me some help in pvp?. Thanks.

  • Azoresgirl, I wanna know how i can ask a question? Well my question is can you give me a strategy and a deck set up for a lvl 16 life? Thanks! Also the guide above is really detailed, its was a good read!

  • I always like, I know you were gonna do that so I used this to kill…. and they never had a surprise, I knew exactly how to counter people then I dueled one of the people from duelist101. Was fun 😀

  • @izabera

    Keeping it alive isn’t the idea.

  • a 300 hp minion won’t last half a turn

    • It’s a different approach to spoiling blade stacking, especially if you are going 1st and going against similar leveled wizards. Provoking a premature 4pip AoE attack to kill a 3pip mander is a chance for a small Pip war win. The mander can become a real supportive pain via elemental shields, black mantles, balance blades, and an occasional 3pip locust storm. I’d add another aftershock in, but this deck has the ability to “earth” down a mega blade stack if necessary.

      • imho provoking a premature a 4 pip aoe attack is just a chance to lose 300-400 hp each, even worse if they had blades on.

        • Which is why you always make sure you’re defended before summoning a minion.

  • can you pls make guide for my ice lvl 90 I have that spells fire to fire elf, all ice spells except the crafted spells, death to doom and gloom and infection,life to satyr and life shield,balance to weakness elemental blade reshuffle and balance dispell,sun to collosal sharpened blade primordial potent trap and cloak,star:conviction infalible sleet storm fortify amplify and empowerment.I have pet with pain giver spell defy and spell proff.thats all I have and pls don’t tell me to get things from the packs or from farming or to get life mastery amulet pls make guide for me pls.

  • Great support deck for a balance! I remember the matches I did with Jason and they really were interesting.

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