The Spiral Notebook, Entry Eight: Stats

April 13, 2018 in Most Recent, The Spiral Notebook

Hello, everyone. My name is James Earthwalker, and I have a confession to make… I’m a stats freak.

One of my longest-held tenets regarding Wizard101: Perfect stats, better experience. And when I say “perfect,” I don’t mean just “high.” I mean PERFECT.

So what do I mean by “perfect”?

When I say “perfect,” I mean “visually appealing.” And let me say, there are some numbers that just… REALLY grind my gears.

For example, take numbers like 23, 34, 45, and so on. My inner OCD just SCREAMS when I see stuff like that on my screen. In the words of Lemongrab…







…So yeah. My stats, they gotta be juuuuuust right. And sometimes that calls for some… drastic measures.

Jewel and Pet Tailoring

With Jewels and Pet Talents, my dreams of acquiring the perfect stats get a good boost. And sometimes that can result in me using my precious slots for… unorthodox purposes.

For instance, take my Incoming & Outgoing Healing. Sure, I COULD use a Circle slot to give my Piercing a +6% boost and a Square slot to increase Stun Resist, but with Spirit of Darkmoor’s Thorn and Ring of the Usurper giving +24% Incoming and Outgoing Healing respectively, why do that when I can boost both Incoming and Outgoing Healing to +30% using Shiny Healing/Mending Opals?!

Or how about Damage and Resist? I might be able to get 130+ damage using a quintuple-damage Pet, but you’ve simply gotta leave room for Resist and Heals! Boom, one pet with two damage talents, Spell-Proof, Fairy Friend, and Energizing Battery, with a Spell-Defying Jewel slapped on at Ultra! (At least, that’s my dream… hatching is unforgiving. ;-;)

Anyway, yeeeah, that’s all I got on that subject. It’s a short blurb, yeah, but the new update has really rekindled my passion for getting the perfect stats. I swear I’ll make a real entry… someday… k bye

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  1. I have the same spirit! I feel relieved when, using my triple double fairy pet, i get 120 dmg, 60 resist and 25 accuracy. In a word: PERFECTION (I also feel satisfied with the ??5 numbers).
    But I feel divided when, with this stats, i get to hit with something like 998 or 1003. I guess it’s impossible to have “perfect” stats and hit “perfectly” at the same time.

  2. Yessss!!!! FINALLY someone who sees like me xD

  3. Meanwhile, I completely ignore all stat numbers! :p

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