Spiraling into Shadow – Chapter Thirteen

February 16, 2018 in Most Recent, Spiraling into Shadow

The winds howled as two figures emerged from the Chronoverge portal. From beneath their hoods they saw the unconscious husks of 3 twisted figures: a mangled skeleton, a pitch-black dragon, and a shadowy Cyclops, sprawled out in the sand in utter defeat. A subtle black light seeped from the decrepit creatures, rising off their bodies like smoke into the sandy air.


One wizard, garbed in a pale blue, knelt down next to the pile of Shadow-infused bones. The skull sprang to life and clattered its way over to her; immediately recognizing the gleam in its sockets, the wizard’s eyes widened in surprise.  “Rattlebones?!”


The skull chuckled. “In the flesh. …Er, you know what I mean. It’s been a while, Icebreeze.”
“What are you doing here?” The other wizard, clad in darker blue robes with a mustard trim, knelt down next to the Thamaturge. “Haven’t seen you since the Exalted Challenge.”
“Ironhammer too!” Rattlebones exclaimed. “What is this, a family reunion?”
Travis snorted. “To think, you actually tried to kill us all those years ago.”
“Yeah, well…” The skull shifted uncomfortably. “I was working under Malistaire then. I made up for it, though, didn’t I?”
Paige smiled. Since his defeat in Unicorn Way nearly 10 years ago, Rattlebones had worked as an assistant to Dworgyn, providing Ravenwood Necromancers invaluable insight into the art of Undeath. On top of that, he also provided a short gauntlet for upperclassmen who dared to be pushed to their limits.


“That Challenge was tough, but it was a lot of fun,” Paige affirmed, grinning. “Plus, we got some really good stuff out of it.”
“You better be grateful!” the Undead remnant harped. “Do you know how many sewing lessons it took the Fairy Queen to teach me me to stitch those robes for you?!”
Paige giggled. “Yes, yes, we appreciate the robes,” the Thamaturge replied, grinning momentarily. “But you didn’t answer our question. What are you doing here?”
Rattlebones’s eye flashed dangerously. “Spider summoned me,” he said. “Offered me a shot at taking down Earthwalker, after all these years.”
Paige’s frost-blue eyes clouded with worry. “What? And who are the rest of these guys?”
“Leave that to me,” Travis said, winking as he whipped out his Spellbook. “They don’t call me a Master Monstrologist for nothing.” His fingers glided over the pages as he skimmed through his vast library of magical information, his eyes analyzing the dozens of accumulated profiles with a lightning speed that would make even a Diviner jealous.  Upon reaching the portion of his Tome entitled “Cyclopes,” he froze, his eyes widening. “Akilles?!” Travis burst. “From Cyclops Lane?!” He turned to he dragon, equally shocked as he flipped to a new page. “And… the Jabberwock?!”


The Cyclops creakily twisted its head and stared at the heavens with its solitary eye. “IRONHAMMER!!” It bellowed, kicking up sand as it thrashed about helplessly. “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!!”
“‘Twas brillig, and the slithy tothes did gyre and gimble in the wabe…” The ancient dragon muttered half-consciously.
“Spider clouded our minds,” Rattlebones said glumly. “He made Akilles think the Theurgist was actually the Conjurer who foiled his operation down in Wizard City… in other words, you, Ironhammer.”
“And the Jabberwock?” Paige asked.
Rattlebones chuckled. “He’s always been like that. Didn’t take that much convincing for him.”


Travis and Paige laughed. They missed those days. The days when life was simpler, when the enemies weren’t so omnipotent or universe-threatening, when-


The Wizards’ merriment was soon cut off by a large roar in the distance, a wild, guttural bellow that shook the very sand they stood on. Instantly recognizing the sound, Paige scooped up the Undead skull into her arms and leapt to her feet.


“We’ve gotta go,” She stated sharply.


Travis nodded, slamming his Spellbook shut and placing it back in his Backpack.


“H-hey! Put me down!” Rattlebones snapped. “And what was that, anyway?!”


Paige looked down at the skull with an icy glare, one that, if Rattlebones still had his spine attached, would send intense chills down it.


“That was the Forest Lord,” Paige replied. “Which means James is fighting Spider… alone.”

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  1. Yay! Get him, James! :p

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