Spiraling into Shadow – Chapter Fourteen

February 18, 2018 in Most Recent, Spiraling into Shadow

Paige didn’t quite understand why James loved Shadow so much. But then again, she kind of did.


She vaguely remembered that when James was little, he would constantly get picked on by older kids for being different. He struggled in school both academically and socially, his number of friends countable on one hand. Sometimes he would have outbursts, arguing with his parents on a nightly basis over the most trivial things… he had a spark, that was for sure, but it was a spark he couldn’t control.


She remembered when James, years ago, cast his first real Healing Spell in Golem Tower. It was a Fairy, and he had used it to heal a young Diviner he didn’t even know all that well. She would never forget that light in his eyes, that glow he radiated.


She remembered when Travis and James challenged the Gobblers on Colossus Boulevard to an eating contest. Even with the two of them working together, Prince Gobble won… by a long shot.


She remembered the day when James, along with some Sorceress named Katie, defeated an old Wraith in the Haunted Cave. The two were inseparable ever since.


She remembered the look of jealousy crossing her brother’s face when Katie first met Alharazed in Krokotopia. It was then she began teasing him about his “girlfriend.” He hated it.


She remembered when James geeked out upon meeting Sherlock Bones in Marleybone. James jabbered on nonstop about how he used to watch a similar character on TV when he was little… how come HE could recall his past so much better than she could? She remembered thinking it wasn’t fair.


She remembered when she and her brother ventured together through the vibrant land of Mooshu. She remembered his shock when a boss, upon defeat, left behind a Spell Card for him to use, and her further surprise upon hearing similar stories from Katie and Travis. Samoorai, Goat Monks, Ninja Pigs… where was HER spell?


She remembered sparring with the Loremaster in Dragonspyre alongside her friends, hoping that they might be given the chance at receiving all those cool spells the upperclassmen were using in the Arena. It wouldn’t be for a few years that she’d get her very own Lore spells, when she resorted to painstakingly crafting them herself.


She remembered the first time James killed Malistaire. She remembered his wide eyes, glassy with tears, as the scene of the Centaur’s arrow piercing the former Death professor’s chest undoubtedly looped over and over again in his mind…


She remembered how Katie had kissed him square on the lips right afterwards.

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