Spiraling into Shadow – Chapter Fifteen

February 20, 2018 in Most Recent, Spiraling into Shadow

“…Are we sure about all this?”


The three wizards sat down on the murky ground, their breaths visible in the frigid air. The Hive clicked and clattered with an almost mechanical buzz, gigantic insects scuttling this way and that in service to the Shadow Queen. James had described it best when they had first entered: breeding grounds for mindlessness.
Paige turned her head, concerned. “Katie? Everything okay?”
The Sorceress shook her head. Up until a moment ago, she hadn’t said a word since her boyfriend had descended down the Spider’s thread. “I… I dunno. I guess I’m just… worried for him, that’s all.”
Travis sighed. “Katie, something’s been on your mind. Knowing you, you’re worried for James… right?”


The Sorceress smirked. “You know me too well.” Sighing, Katie looked down as she sifted through her Deck. “Yeah, James has been… off. Ever since Azteca.”
“Ay, Azteca,” a voice grunted. Turning, the three wizards noticed the old rat dangling his scraggly feet over the edge of the abyss. “So it truly is gone,” Captain Taylor Coleridge muttered, clearly lost in his own little world. “Raven have mercy…”


“Yeah, James… didn’t take that very well,” Paige replied glumly, igniting the old captain’s ramblings. “Especially since he tried so hard to save Pacal…”
“Not to mention seeing Malistaire again,” Travis added. ”It was a shock for all of us, sure, but for him…” The Conjurer shook his head. “I can’t even imagine.”


“…It’s worse than that,” Katie mumbled, turning away. Tears were beginning to pool in her eyes.
Paige’s expression softened. She placed a hand on the young Sorceress’s back, rubbing it affectionately as her friend began to sob uncontrollably.
“Hey, hey,” the Thamaturge soothed. “What’s wrong?”
Katie slowly turned back to her friends, her tear-streaked face glistening in the dim light.
“Th-there’s something I haven’t told you,” she whimpered. “Th-the day after Azteca was destroyed… I-I found James back at his house… he… he was…”
She broke down sobbing once more, this time her tears flowing far more freely. Paige and Travis exchanged worried and shocked glances; they had never seen Katie this raw before.
“Katie…” Paige started slowly. “Tell us. It’s okay.”
The Sorceress’s head snapped up, her eyes flooded with sorrow, regret… and fear.


“He was trying to–”

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  1. Well then! Cutting it off when I want to know more, pffft! xD

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