Spiraling into Shadow – Chapter Eighteen

March 3, 2018 in Most Recent, Spiraling into Shadow

“Well, if it isn’t Travis Ironhammer. What brings you here today?”
“Good evening, Mr. Drake. I actually came on an errand from Baba Yaga.”
“Oh, really? Pray tell, what might she want?”
“Well, first she wanted to thank you for sending me her way. Those are her exact words, no lie.”
“I see…”
“Second… she wanted me to ask you if she could borrow your diary.


“…I beg your pardon.”
“She said you had a… diary? She was wondering-”
“Let me stop you there. First, it’s not a diary, it’s a journal.”
“…And second, why would she even want it?!”
“She’s thinking up a new spell. One that requires your dia-I mean, journal. At least, that’s what I gather.”
“…Mr. Drake? Are you… okay?”
“…Tell that… witch… that she can make her own spells, for all I care. She won’t be stealing any more ideas from me… not anymore.”
“Professor Drake-”
“Get out.”


“…So, he didn’t give you the diary, hm?”
“He called it a journal.”
“Journal, schmournal. I taught that man everything he knows! He should show an old lady some respect!”
“I mean, I suppose…”
“So what if I helped him publish his groundbreaking thesis on the Song of Creation? It wasn’t my fault the publishers put my name first in the title!”
“And oh, I’m so sorry I told you your hair made you look like a dingy painter! You looked even more ridiculous than your brother and his stupid dreadlocks!”
“And I’m so, SO sorry that you got lost that one time we went to Azteca to conduct research on the First World! How could I have known you would have wandered off to research those dumb Quetza-”
“Baba Yaga?”


“How can I help?”
“…What kind of a question is that?”
“I don’t want you guys to be enemies. He said you were friends, once… why can’t it be that way again?”
“People change, Ironhammer. You of all people should know that.”
“For a Scholar of Myth, you clearly lack a lot of faith.”
“…How dare you insult me. I ought to turn you into a Piggle.”
“Baba Yaga, I believed in James after Katie died. I believed in Paige when she claimed the Sword of Kings, even when those Friars said that such a feat was impossible for a woman. That’s what Myth’s all about, right? We believe in others. And I believe in you—you and Cyrus.”


“…You’re incredibly wise when you want to be, young man. Green Bean must be rubbing off on you.”
“Uh… thanks?”
“Listen. I think I know how to make it up to Cyrus. And if all things go as planned, who knows? You might get a new spell out of it.”
“Count me in. What’s the plan?”


“Okay, so here’s what you do…”

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  1. My two favorite teachersssss <3 I love their personalities.. Awesome hehe xD

  2. Great as always. I’m sure misthead will love this too!

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