Spiraling into Shadow – Chapter Nineteen

March 5, 2018 in Most Recent, Spiraling into Shadow

“…Hello to you too.”


“Is this your doing?!”
“Is what my doing?”
“Don’t play dumb with me, Travis. Just this morning I checked my book reserves and found all the titles of the Song of Creation texts were changed.”
“Really? How so?”
“…Drop the charade, Ironhammer. I know it was you.”
“I’m touched that you somehow managed to properly accredit the Song of Creation thesis to me and me alone. But what will your new teacher think?”
“…That’s the thing, Professor. She was the one who did it.”


“I gathered the necessary ingredients, of course. A few herbs here, a few papyrus reeds there… and the axe of a Minotaur who did not play fair. But Baba Yaga cast the spell.”
“…I see. She must be truly desperate for my journal.”
“She told me about how she once saw you come up with this idea for a creature. She said you called it… the Wumpus?”


“M-Mr. Drake!”
“The Wumpus?! That little childhood fantasy?! Don’t tell me… she actually intends to make it a real creature?!”
“That’s… what she told me…”
“Well, I’m afraid I have bad news for her. The Wumpus IS real… because I’ve already made a spell for it.”
“Here, let me see if I can find it…”


“Here we are.”
“P-Professor Drake! This-!”
“-Is a Shadow-Enhanced Spell, yes. After my fallout with Baba Yaga, I was… in a dark place. In a way, this spell was made in defiance of her, in defiance of the impossible standards she placed just over my head…but the Shadow only ended up making me stronger.”
“Mr. Drake…”
“Go back to Baba Yaga, Travis. Tell her all is forgiven… and don’t forget to tell her I beat her to the punch.”


“Did… did you just wink?”
“Yes. What of it?”
“I dunno, I guess I just never thought of you as the, er, ‘winking’ type…?”
“…It’s time for you to leave.”

“…There, there, Paige. It’s alright.”
“No, Miss Greyrose, it’s NOT alright! No—it’s not fair!”
“What’s not fair?”
“I hate feeling… so… responsible for him! Like, I saw what he was becoming, and all I did wasn’t enough!”
“…I see…”
“And I hate the fact that I even feel that way, you know? Why does it always have to be about James? James, James, James! All anyone ever asks me is, ‘How’s your brother doing?’ ‘Can you get me a Teleport to James’s Palace?’ UGH!!!”


“…Oh no. Oh no. Oh nononononono… Not the ice… not here… not now…”
“Paige… calm down. Take a few deep breaths. Remember what I taught you…you control the Ice, the Ice doesn’t control you…”
“…Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths… deep… bre…”


“Miss Greyrose?!”
“Young Ironhammer. It’s good to see you.”
“I came as soon as I heard… oh Bartleby, your house…!”
“Travis, Take Paige home so she can rest.”
“But your house-”
“And tell Hadfield the truth. If he’s going to teach her, he needs to know.”
“Are you sure?”
“Shadow has gripped her heart, young Ironhammer. Perhaps even worse so than her brother’s. We must act quickly…”

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  1. I’ve never met anyone who was the winking type xD Well, except professor Drake now :p

    Poor Paige!

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