Spiraling into Shadow – Chapter Twenty

March 7, 2018 in Most Recent, Spiraling into Shadow

This wasn’t the first time Spider had visited James in his dreams.


They could only meet here, of course; what would the Arcanum think if their newest prodigy was in contact with the enemy? The thought made the Supreme Entity grin. Foolish creatures, Spider thought. Afraid of what they don’t understand… this world never changes.


A flash of green leaves; the Theurgist had arrived. But something was different; Earthwalker wasn’t smiling. In fact, just the opposite: He was scowling.
“Where’s Mellori?” The wizard snapped. His purple eyes flashed with anger; Spider could sense the Shadow well up within him.
“Raven’s child is unharmed, if that is what you ask,” Spider rumbled. “Getting attached, are we?”
The grip on Earthwalker’s staff tightened. It was a new staff, a pulsing green eye atop some segmented metal bars. Spider had taken note of it during their clash in Mirage, but fashion statements weren’t really the focal points of that meeting.
“I see you finally abandoned Malistaire’s old walking stick,” Spider chided. “What’s it called?”
“Eye of the Soothsayer,” James replied, clearly not interested in talking about the thousands of Crowns he’d burned to get his hands on it. “I’ll ask again, Cob: Where’s Mellori?


The deep undertones of Grandfather Spider’s chuckling reverberated throughout the empty dream. “I have placed her under the custody of my second-eldest. Surely you remember I had three children?”
The Theurgist shook his head, clearly not having any of Spider’s small-talk. “And how is that any better than you having her?”
“Bat is a bit more… bipartisan than I am,” Spider sighed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses the girl as a means of actually foiling my plans.”
James raised an eyebrow, confused. “Then why give her to Bat in the first place?”


Under his tattered hood, Spider’s eight eyes flared. “You underestimate me, Earthwalker,” he boomed. “Do you think I wouldn’t have contingency for such an outcome?”
 “…I suppose not,” the Theurgist grumbled. “Doesn’t make it any easier for me, though.”
Spider shook his head. “I ask you again, young man: Why are we fighting? Such charades are inconsequential; you know this.”


A look of steely determination resonated from the Theurgist’s gaze, causing Spider to shift unconsciously. There were very few things in the Spiral that put the Supreme Being on edge; James Earthwalker was one of them.
“I told you in Mirage, and I’ll tell you again,” James said slowly. “This world’s messed up, sure… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And frankly, I’m not too keen on you killing everyone, if I’m going to be honest.”
“If life gave you a ‘Restart’ button, would you press it?” Spider countered. “I’m only doing what needs to be done. Too many mistakes have been made.”
“And what, killing everyone in one fell swoop will do that?! This isn’t a video game, Cob! You can’t just start over whenever you want just because things didn’t go the way you wanted!”


“ENOUGH,” Spider roared, his eight eyes flaring with dark light. James staggered, blown back by the sheer force behind the Supreme Being’s words. A dark aura resonated from the hooded entity, whispers of the Void echoing throughout the dream.
“If you were not who you are, Earthwalker, I would have held back when we fought in the Sands of Time,” Spider rumbled. “But even at full power, you proved a match for me… no, more than that.”
The Theurgist gripped his staff tightly, its emerald eye pulsing with menacing green light. “I won’t kill you, Cob, but I WILL stop you. As many times as it takes.” After a pause, he smirked, adding, “Friends gotta keep each other in check, yeah?”
Spider laughed heartily. “You’re a rare breed, Earthwalker,” he smiled. “The realistic optimist… Raven could learn much from you.”
“Heh… wait, what? Raven? What do you mean?”
The Supreme Being shook his head. “You’ll see for yourself soon enough, Tainted One.” Raising his hand, Spider chanted an ancient warping spell, covering himself in shadowy light.


“You will find Mellori in Empyrea,” Spider boomed. “Prepare for heartbreak, young one… I have a feeling you won’t like what happens next.”

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  1. This isn’t a video game, haha xD Awesome chapter!

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