No Block, No Problem!

December 5, 2014 in High Rating/Low Level, PvP Guide, savage hunters

No Block, No Problem: Magus vs World

How many times has this happened to you? You are doing your thing and then bang, your opponent just gets a random critical! Out of no where! Worst part: You were winning! It stinks. It happens to all us Magus out there but, will that stop you from winning? No, it won’t. Living by the rule: There is always a way to win, it is your job to figure out well, how do I win this! I cannot tell you a perfect way to get around critical but, I can defiantly help.



These three words are your best friend. Triple A is the key measures a Magus can take in order to be more successful against the dreaded critical. Let’s start with Aggressive!


To be aggressive means you are offensively minded. It is the mindset as look, you got better things to do, let’s win this now! The reason for this is simple: You don’t have much time. At any moment your opponent can just cast a critical and you are done for. When I say aggressive though, I do not mean closed fist and just dive in head first. Aggressive as in: you are always a threat. Forcing your opponent to be defensive. Against critical, it is better for them to heal than hit you. Remember any hit on you could mean sudden death. You gotta make sure they don’t hit you! If they do, cross your fingers and keep shields up for sure.


This part is very self explanatory. Why is grandmaster so good at the moment? THEY HAVE BLOCK. I have seen countless times them blocking exalted! So when you hear a grandmaster say “I fight Exalted now and I don’t even block,” laugh. You never block. Whether they have one critical to 500, makes no difference. Figure out your opponent’s level. This is key to understand how much critical they have. If you don’t have a method to get their EXACT level, take a guess and add 5 levels. Better safe than sorry. Knowing how often your opponent cast critical can really help to decide how defensive you have to be. Always remember though: Whether it is 1 or 500 critical, they all have a CHANCE at casting and a CHANCE is a death note for us Magus. 


This takes practice but, it is important to do. You need to take Authority, take charge, become a threat. This can be done with infallible, blades, minions, small hits, and well, anything that really scares your opponent. To take authority in a pvp match is when Player A (you) forces Player B (your opponent) to cast spells. I. e. I cast Feint. Because of this, I am MAKING you shield. I hit you for half your health. Because of this, I MAKE you heal. Taking advantage of this makes for great players. Once you realize hey, by doing this, I can predict my opponents moves! If you are second, for example, and cast a feint, your opponent will most likely shield (tower shield). What can you do knowing this? That same round, you casted steal ward or you used that moment to heal or some other unpredictable move. Think about it, you are making your opponent predictable, why should you be predictable, too?! Why is this important? This can relate to anything but, I am using it more towards Magus vs Critical. Overall, the reason this simple little trick is important: If you know your opponents moves, you can better your chances of winning! Say you are playing vs your friend/sibling (who are behind you). You turn your head and you can see some of their cards. If you know what they are casting, doesn’t that better your chances at winning?  I would hope so!



This is important to take note of. I hear this sooo much: “JUST USE CONVICTION” Well, yea, I know. Alright let’s do some math: 60 card deck and you want to draw 4/60 of those cards. Simplify that: 1/15 shot. A 6% chance you will draw them. Wonderful. So that other 94% of your deck well, what if you draw that? Haha! And yes, while Conviction is nice, it doesn’t always work! In fact, it rarely works for my partner and I now. Another thing to take note of. In your side deck you may or may not have Fortify loaded. Fort is a great counter to Infallible so my question to you is this: If you are magus vs a legendary wizard. That legendary casts Infallible. In response do you cast A) Conviction to block critical or B) Fortify to negate the Infallible. I would go with B. Remember, critical is a chance so, we are playing a bit of a gambling game however, every Magus has the ability to play around critical and now with this knowledge added on to whatever you knew, I hope you are successful!

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  1. I stand corrected

  2. how do you change the text size? i am making a guide, and i can’t figure out how!

  3. One thing I would like to make sure is clear though: At Magus, you have no block. Do every single mathematical equation in the book; Your opponent does have critical and you have no block. At any point, it can go off. The main focus of this was what to do without conviction. My mistake for not going deeper into the card (at some point I should). As long as the message was delivered effectively trying to point out simple dueling tips work. For example: What Cho’gath said: “Every heal your opponent does […]” All of that is extremely relevant. Another by Nick S.: “[…] people underestimate the psychological aspects of PvP.” Both of the those points sum up the arcictle greatly because: You are going to have to put in a little more effort and thought if you want to CONSISTENTLY (key word) defeat and outmatch your critical foes (this includes grandmaster). 🙂

  4. General urn types –
    Hypergeometric distribution: the ***** are not returned to the urn once extracted (without replacement) –
    Multivariate hypergeometric distribution: the multiple colored ***** are not returned. –

  5. Actually, it’s an “urn” problem, since the card draw is sampling without replacement.

  6. 😛 Well lesson learned for Ethan: No Math

  7. Nice analysis. Slight mistake with the maths though. You calculated the chance of drawing a conviction out of one card but in actual fact you draw 7 cards initially which increases the chances.
    Chance of drawing 0 conviction in first hand is 7C0*(1/15)^0*(14/15)^7=62%
    Chance of drawing 1 conviction in first hand is 7C1*(1/15)^1*(14/15)^6=31%
    So it actually about 1/3 chance of drawing a conviction in the first hand.
    Btw this is from a branch of mathematics called Combinations.

  8. My mistake: Typo. Deck of Lotus (most common pvp deck for magus), is 50 cards, not 60. Increased odds of 8%, not 6%.

  9. Every heal your opponent does is a pip burn against them and a hit that you did not have to suffer/risk a critical. One thing I’d mention about the 4/60 issue of a large deck – You get (much) better odds if you reduce the bottom number. Consider making a small(er) deck. Jordan and I run 50 card decks (with 4x reshuffle), which includes the gear cards and wands.

  10. Nice look into the thought process behind dealing with critical at a lower level. I think a lot of people underestimate the psychological aspects of PvP.

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