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Good Afternoon mystical Duelists!

It is your host Isaiah Walker back with part 2 of this Castle Magic guide. In this part, I will be explaining some things about the Magic Computer, Computer Spells, as well as giving an example of how they work.

Before we kick things off with Castle Magic once again, I want to duel my Death House. That’s one thing you can’t do with Castle Magic… Think about it, that fire breathing furnace in the Death House basement, what if you could use Castle Magic to make some sort of dueling circle specifically for PvI (Player vs Items)? I’d be dueling my pets all day long 😀 Let me know what you think about that idea.

With that being said, let’s get technical with computers…

The Magic Computer is an orange square invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to complete complex actions with Castle Magic using signals. There are only 2 signals in the game as of now.

These signals are spells that can be bought from Babbage Bassett under the “Computer Spells” tab. There are three types of signal spells available for purchase: Toggle, Remove, and Add. Without the Magic Computer, these computer spells will do nothing, and you are not able to use them if you aren’t using a Magic Computer.

The “toggle” signal spells are used to activate a Castle Magic item (except for orbs) that already has a signal spell on them. For the Magic Computer, toggle signal spells are similar to levers and buttons.

The “remove” signal spells are used to take away the signal a Castle Magic Item has. This is useful if you want an item to stop transmitting a signal to the Magic Computer (also handy if you’re making some sort of turn based game using Castle Magic).

The “add” signal spells are used to give a Castle Magic item a signal that can be used with the Magic Computer. If an item has no signal to transmit to the Magic Computer, the toggle and remove spells will do nothing, and neither will the Magic Computer, so these add signal spells are very important, so don’t loose them!

The Magic Computer has six triggers that may be very hard to tell apart because of their names. These are the triggers:

  • When Signal 1 AND 2
  • When Signal 1 OR 2
  • When Signal 1 XOR 2
  • NOT Signal 1
  • NOT Signal 2
  • NOT Signal 1 AND Signal 2

The first trigger “When Signal 1 AND 2” is used to activate a Castle Magic item when both signal spells are transmitted to the Magic Computer. If only signal 2 is transmitted, nothing will happen, unless you set a spell in the “When Signal 1 OR 2” trigger.

The second trigger “When Signal 1 OR 2” is used to activate a Castle Magic item when either signals are transmitted to the Magic Computer. This will also work if both signals are transmitted.

The third trigger “When Signal 1 XOR 2” is used to activate a Castle Magic item when either signals are transmitted to the Magic Computer, however it will not work if both signals are transmitted to the Magic Computer.

The fourth trigger is “NOT Signal 1”, and is used to activate a Castle Magic item when any signal other than signal 1 is transmitted to the Magic Computer.

The fifth trigger is “NOT Signal 2” , and is used to activate a Castle Magic item when any signal other than signal 2 is transmitted to the Magic Computer.

The last trigger is “NOT Signal 1 AND Signal 2”. I like to call this trigger The Nullifier. The Nullifier is used to activate a Castle Magic item when neither signal 1 nor signal 2 is transmitted to the Magic Computer. Nothing will happen if any are present.

Do you have them all down? Great! Let’s move on to the example.

If Not...

If you do not understand what’s above or have any questions, let me know and I will try my best to help you understand it a bit more 🙂

Brazier Example

Now that we have went over the mysteries of the Magic Computer, I’m going to explain a little more how to use it with this very basic brazier puzzle, set up at Suri’s Puzzle Pyramid (because again, I can’t afford these 🙁 ), so big thanks to Suri for the pictures (again). I’ll also explain how it works.

Here are the items used:

  • 2 Magic Braziers
  • 1 Magic Computer
  • 1 Castle Brick Large Wall
  • 1 Add Signal 1 (Computer Spell)
  • 1 Add Signal 2 (Computer Spell)
  • 1 Make Invisible (Action Spell)
  • 1 Make Visible (Action Spell)
  • 3 Remove Signal 1 (Computer Spell)
  • 3 Remove Signal 2 (Computer Spell)


  • 1 Magic Player Detector
  • 1 Pixie (Effect Spell)
  • 1 Pet Bread Crumb (optional)

Side Note

Suri used a Castle Brick wall piece, however the target can be anything you wish.

The objective of this puzzle is to advance to the other room by figuring out which combination of brazier flames will make the wall disappear.

For this puzzle it will be the storm flames.

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up the braziers. After that is done, place a Magic Computer down near the braziers. Open the Castle Magic interface/menu for one brazier and go to the “When Storm Brazier” toggle. Put an “Add Signal 1” spell in it.

Next, for all the other triggers, put a “Remove Signal 1” spell in them. For the output, make the Magic Computer the output.

Do the same thing for the second brazier, but instead of signal 1, use signal 2. This links the braziers to the Magic Computer.

After you’re done, open the Magic Computer interface/menu and go to the “When Signal 1 AND 2” trigger. Put a “Make Invisible” spell there. For the output, make sure you target your desired item. For this example, it’s the Castle Brick Wall.

Go to the “When Signal 1 OR 2” trigger and put a “Make Visable” spell in it. If you do not do this, when both braziers are storm, the wall will stay visable until reset manually via Housing Menu.

Lastly, decorate a bit! This room is decorated to help solve the puzzle. Things like hidden Storm Plaques, Storm Sarcophagus’ surrounded by balance items, and even a hidden “Magic of Storm” book are great ways to help with the puzzle.

You can always wildly guess…but that’s no fun.

This is the puzzle solved; the wall vanished and you can now enter

You’re done! When the braziers are both storm, the wall will disappear, allowing you to enter. Any other combination of flames will not work.

As a bonus, you can set up a pixie trigger by placing down a Magic Player Detector, then adding a summon Pixie spell to it. Make the output something small, I recommend a Pet Bread Crumb, as it’s invisible like Castle Magic.

This Player Detector is right by the door so that way anyone who goes through it will be greeted by a fairy 🙂

That concludes the Castle Magic – Houses are Wizards Too guide. It took a while but it was worth it 🙂 Part 1 is a Duelist101 Community highlight, that just gave me more motivation to complete this part, and write more 😀

What is your favorite thing about Castle Magic? I am eager to see your creations!

Time for a small break… I’ve been so focused on Castle Magic that I completely forgot I recently made another site, Nightside Stories, so that’s what I’ll be up to for the next couple of days.

I will frequently check Death’s Door and post updates on my progress on Nightside Stories. After the first story is done, your host will be back!

Until then, see you Around the Spiral.



  1. Help please? I am doing the brazier thing, and I got it working as intended. However, I’d like it to reset when someone does a WRONG combination after the right one. I’ve been messing around with the “remove signal 1/2” cards and also with the “restore object” card, but I can’t figure it out. Which one do I need, and does it need to be in the COMPUTER or in the BRAZIERS?

  2. Sorry for the delay.
    You need the remove signal card(s) to cut off the connection the braziers have with the computer, it should reset the braziers. As for where the spells go, it goes in the Computer. Only signal computer spells go inside other Castle Magic items. I’m not by my computer, so when I do get to it, I’ll play around with the spells if this doesn’t work.
    Hope I helped 🙂

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