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by Garrett

Update: Advanced lvl 38 Ice PvP Guide

January 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the second part of the guide! This is the updated deck setup that I switched to, and how my rank turned out!

This is my rank, I had an advantage over people because I started out with commander gear from the start because I did the gear glitch and then just did 4 or 5 tourneys last age to get the athame and ring. But there it is! So there are some problems that I came across with. Critical, and being second. I generally face people with critical about 45% of the time, and then the rest is from being second. I was second against a lvl 50 ice with 1100 rank, when I was at lvl 38 and had 770 or 780 rank, which was discouraging. Kingsisle confirmed it as a fair match up because I had waited only 5 minutes to get the match(I still to this day, don’t know how that was fair), but ya know, what can ya do?

Those are my stats with the commander gear and the duelist ring and athame with the life mastery. Hope you enjoyed the series, and I will try to upload some videos on my youtube channel, and get some matches out there!


Part: 2 

This is my rank now:

I thought going to lvl 50 would help. Apparently not haha.

My gear now as a lvl 50: 

The best hat for any school at lvl 50, no matter what.

The best robe at lvl 50 for any school.

The best lvl 50 boots in game as of right now, but you can switch them out for the lydia’s footwraps.

Same wand because I’m cheap and don’t wanna spend 30k on immortal lore packs to get the ice and myth damage wand

The same athame, because I was too lazy to actually buy the lvl 50 one after I lost so many matches.

Hands down the best mastery amulet for any school, besides life, and death lol. Never dropped it, and never will.

The best ring for lvl 50(until lvl 58 of course but it would be a waste of time, and instead you can go to 60 if you really want the stellar signet)

The deck:

My deck changed slightly because it got more space, but it’s basically the same strategy as last time, except heal spam more, and live as long as possible until you’re able to one shot.

My deck hasn’t changed much aside from size, each spell is the same except you are adding a bit more of each card. I also trained infection and strong so I can more efficiently shut down healing and kill minions

This deck setup has changed allot, I got help from a friend( Chris SilverThief). He gave me his, and I added in cold iron instead of Blue Phoenix since these are cold iron is easier to find, and I am carring more reshuffles, more fortifies, and more hits to combo.


I ended up leveling to 50 because I got annoyed from being critted on 24/7 each time I would join a match, it was always a zerohero(a person who has amazing damage, critical, and resist and are usually lvl 60) I got tired of it, and felt I deserved a change of pace. So there you go guys! Thanks for reading my PvP guides, and I will be posting a myth road to warlord guide in a day or two. Good luck, and have fun!

If you have any further questions you can contact me at:

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