A lvl 60 Myth PvP guide

February 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

In this guide, we will cover how I made it to the rank I am, and how I am going to achieve warlord. This guide will cost allot of money, time, and crafting. If you want, and I’d highly recommend it, buy the lvl 50 elixir.

Lvl 50 Elixir:

This lvl 50 elixir will instantly level you from 1 to 50 in a matter of seconds, the only problem is, the price. It costs around $50.00(on sale it can be $30.00 or less). This elixir will take you from the first quest in wizard city all the way to the Celestia quest and you won’t have to do nothing but pay that amount, click on the item, type in abracadabra, and bam, you are now a lvl50.

Here’s the gear:

Hands down the best hat in game for lvl 60 myth

The robe is optional, you can use any high resist, incoming/outgoing robe since damage isn’t what we’re really going for.

These are the best boots until you hit warlord. When you hit warlord you will need the Glendemming boots.

Hands down the best wand for life, ice, myth, and even balance(sometimes) for lvl 60 PvP

I love this athame so much that I’m never gonna get rid of it, although you can go with the Duelist’s fatal razor, I wouldn’t recommend it for this build.

I cannot stress how much you will need this in PvP. If you don’t have this amulet, don’t even walk into ranked, it’s not worth your record.

Once again, this is the best ring for this build, although you can switch it out for the Duelist’s Daredevil ring for the block and damage,( keeping the stellar signet, instead of duelist Fatal Razor) I seriously wouldn’t recommend it for this build.

This is my pet( I would love to have it on an armament), although I would trade fire ward for ice ward, and keep balance ward. Fortify is amazing against any school and then socket a proof or ward to whatever school you have the most trouble with.

This isn’t the best deck, but it get’s the job done. You can farm bellosh in the House of Scales in the upper zigzag for the deck that gives 1% accuracy and a triangle slot for pips/ accuracy.

This is by far, not the best deck, but it gets the job done for me.

If you have pigs put in 2 gargantuan pigs by switching out 1 earth and 1 orthrus. Eventually I will be running more reshuffles, and heals in my side after 1500 rank, so look out for another guide soon!



¬†You’ll have the same strategy against every school. Win the bubble war. Spam Talos, but not so much to where you run out of pips and die because you can’t heal. Blade up with 3 different blades twice, infall, into orthrus into minotaur, medusa into orthrus or orthrus into orthrus. You’ll want to heal spam against every school, no matter what, that’s what we’re going for. If you have the same gear as me, your Satyr will do at 2k with no debuffs, and your pixies will do almost 1k without any debuffs.


1 of my losses are from an 8hr match that I had fallen asleep in, and costed me a loss. 2 are from criticals. 1 is from the game server kicking me, and the last 2 is from a person doom spamming, and critting on me.

Overall, my strategy is pretty flawless against most people. You rarely ever get any hard matches as long as you have a ward. I don’t have Pigs so it makes my strategy very limited. This strategy is very expensive, but if you have the money for it, please don’t limit yourself on the gear I listed above, it will help, I promise. I hope this helped!

If you have any further questions you can contact me at the following email address:

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