An Advanced Lvl 38 Ice PvP guide

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Hello! Welcome to an advanced lvl 38 Ice PvP guide. Let’s talk about what this guide is going to cover, shall we? This guide will cover basic strategy how to spend training points, gear, and where to farm for it, and finally how to play against a certain school. Before we begin, I would like to tell you some setbacks about this guide. You will need crowns, mostly for the Life Mastery Amulet(but you can farm for it as well; just takes more time). 

Ice’s advantages:

  1.  You are a tank, you can survive almost anything thrown at you; with the proper preparation of course 🙂
  2. You have the highest damage potential; you can carry up to 8 different blades (1 regular ice blade, 1 regular elemental, Sharpened ice and elemental blade from armament pet, ice bird tc, ice blade tc, elemental blade tc, and ice blade from a jewel).
  3. You are basically a life in disguise(With a life mastery, and all the heals you are going to train, and the tc satyrs/fairies you’re going to buy, you’re basically a life).

Ice’s disadvantages:

  1. The time it takes to set up your attacks; The slowest it has taken me to try to one shot with a frostbite into mammoth combo on my ice has been up to 30 rounds.
  2. You are very squishy without allot of resist; If you don’t have at least a double resist pet, you’ll have the hardest time in the arena.
  3. If you don’t have a heal in your hand at all times, it’s game over against any school.
  4. You have the lowest damage in game; unless you blade a minimum of 2 times, say goodbye to that sweet 16 rank(Unless their health is below 500, and you can guarantee that kill, they’ll heal, no doubt about it).

Now we’ll cover starter gear, and where to find it. Links will be in the guide somewhere to find the boss easier. Unfortunately, I sold or trashed the hat, robe, and boots, so I’ll only be able to show you the stats from the wiki pages.

Youkai’s Rational Hat:

Literally one of the best hats for ice in the game.

Yakedo’s Rational Cloak:

THE BEST RIOBE, idk how else to put it besides in all capital letters.

Himoolayan Warriror’s Boots:    No link to it, but you can get it from the himoolayan dungeon side quest.

Probably not the best item for ice, but I like it just for the heals. The resist is pretty nice too 🙂

Sky Iron Hasta:

Hands down, the best wand in game for lvl 30 PvP. Nothing beats it as of right now.

The alternative to duelists fatal razor , if you haven’t done enough tourneys to get the amount needed for it.

BEST ATHAME IN GAME!!! You can do the Pennon Poniard from the bazaar

Life Mastery Amulet: Can be purchased in the crownshop or can be farmed at ths boss:   You can get the item from all the bosses in waterworks, but it’d be easier to farm Luska than any other since he’s the first boss.

Hands down the best mastery amulet for any school, besides life, and death lol.

The best ring in game for lvl 30, but if you can’t afford this, like the athame, I would buy the winged circlet from the bazaar

Alternative to Duelist’s Daredevil ring

For the pets, I would recommend to at least having double resist and a heal or ice damage, but these are some of my pets.

Can be found in Bazaar occasionally.

Training points, and how to spend them: You will need to do the zeke quests, but only the wizard city one.

Life training points: 7 points to satyr, with the life dispel trained from the woman in Colossus Boulevard(Mildred Farseer)

Balance training points: 2 points, reshuffle(Colossus Boulevard Mildred Farseer), and elemental blade(Niles the Balance tree in Krokotopia)

Storm training points: 1, storm dispel(Mildred Farseer)


Main Deck

Side Deck:



This will probably be the easiest or hardest match up you’ll ever get. They’ll play almost exactly as how you will. They’ll definitely blade up, but I recommend getting your minion out ASAP. You want them to waste blades, and if you realize they use life hits(Seraph) like we do to kill minions, stop wasting pips, and start blading or shielding. This is basically a waiting game. Always try to have a shield on yourself, and try to put up that storm dispel asap and get the dispel shield off with an ice or life dispel(I would use whatever came first). Wait until you get at least 3 blades before you decide to hit, and when you do, have at least 5 or 6 power pips.When you do, make sure you have a life dispel on them so they can’t triage the damage away. Before you hit, use an infallible, then frostbite into frost demon. If that didn’t kill, the remaining damage should do enough to kill them, and if not, don’t worry, use a frost shark.


The possibly easiest school to fight against. Get your cooldown in hand, have it there for the entire game if you have to. You NEVER want to get rid of it, because that fire will either heck hound, burning rampage, or even efreet(which cooldown would be useless for). Try to have a volcanic shield or even a tower(If you have both, use volcanic) in hand when they have 6 or 7 pips, because they will most likely use efreet the next round(Cast the volcanic or tower the round they get 8 pips if you’re first, if you’re second use it the round before). Your attack is the same as before, infall with 3 blades, frostbite, demon or mammoth.


The undoubtedly hardest matchup in your entire life. If they have lore, you’re basically dead. Unless you spam heals, and blades, and wands to get rid of the weaknesses. Also, always tower when they have 4 pips if you’re first, if they do have lore. They may lore, or do the Chimera strat( where they blade up and use chimera). Same attack strategy.


At this lvl, they will either be spamming queen calypso or bolt. Always have a shield up when they get around 7 pips because they will most likely storm lord you, and we don’t want to die to a max bolt the next round do we? Same attack strategy, but 2 blades will do the job.


If the life you’re facing is good, they’ll spam sanctuary. This is where your bubbles come in, use it as much as they use sanctuary. WIN THE BUBBLE WAR! You do not want a life gaining all their health back after you almost killed them. They’ll either be using centaur, lore, or Spinysaur as their main attack, if they have Balance mastery, treat them like a Balance. If they have myth mastery, try to hurry up with 2 blades, and a bubble to kill them, because they’re either carrying shatter, earth, or aftershock, and all are very bad to be on the wrong side of. Same attack strategy, but please be careful and get an idea of how much damage you’ll do before you try to attack.

The rest of the schools are such a lower tier that you probably won’t face them, but treat the myth as if they were a life with myth mastery. Kill them asap, and for death, treat them as you would a Balance.

I wish you all the best of luck my tiny little Thaumaturges! Dominate the PvP arena with your amazing tank/glass cannon build! Good luck, and have fun!

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  1. Many people like magus, as well as I, but there are a few setbacks to Ice if you only want to do lvl 30 PvP. You don’t have Ice blade, and your health is about 200+ points lower. You have less stackability, and you can go to lvl 40 to PvP, but I find it unnecessary. If you do go to lvl 40(I wouldn’t suggest it) but you would be facing lvl 50 Warlords as you get higher in rank(You would as lvl 38 too, but less often), your duelists gear would cost a little bit more, which means 1 or 2 more tourneys depending if you won them in 3rd place minimum. But that’s my opinion.

  2. NIce guide, just one question – what’s the reason behind being level 38 to pvp?

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