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Voltage: Julia in Khrysalis

Soo… this… is me… for the most part at least-Julia Lionflower is my main character, a promethean storm.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 2.56.34 PM

Storm was not my first love, in fact, that was fire- a character I still have- but storm definitely is my only love now. Something about storm and I just click and I really have never committed to another school the same way.  [Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to see Khrysalis yet at all, there are a few Test Realm Pictures coming up later in this post!! Also, now that I think of it, there may even be a rule about not posting test realm pictures…so… if there is I’m sorry! I tried to check, I really did. I can easily make this post about something else.]

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Test Realm Opens!

Update: Wanna see how I’m doing in Khrysalis? Check out my latest post Voltage: Julia L. in Krysalis

Ah! I just happened to be on facebook and what do I see?? Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.48.30 PM

Ahhhhhh! It’s hheeerrreeee! Am i too excited about this? Maybe just because we’re inching closer to the huge one-oh-oh and that’s an even number…

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Weekend Update!

Hey everyone! It’s almost the weekend and once again I’m posting a weekend update! Here’s what’s coming up this weekend:


  • My featured image thingy is broken and it irritates me. It was doing little preview strips before and now it is not. If someone knows how to fix this, please let me know >.<

Most Likely:

  • A post about Julia


  • A post about Autumn
  • A post about Graphic Design

And now, some art 😀

Into the Sun

Into the Sun

(mini) Death Incarnate: Autumn Climbs to Captain

After a few hours of working in Kt, Autumn hit level 22, finished the sphinx, and finished off the rest of the world as well. For death that means the acquisition of skeletal pirate, poison, and beguile. While beguile isn’t useful for 1v1, I was really looking forward to adding pirate and poison to Auty’s deck! Feeling very confident I set off to make monstrous versions of poison and pirate which go swell with my monstrous vamps… am I a bad person for doing that? I don’t think so.

I don’t really know if “climbing to captain” really covers it… it really was more like “clawed to captain”, but I’m saving that one for Commander because I’m sure it’ll apply more there.

Prior to hitting 22, I pvped up to veteran with this deck set-up at level 15: (also look at me I made the pictures big! aren’t I a smart cookie!)

Level 15 Main Deck

Level 15 Main Deck

Level 15 Side Deck

Level 15 Side Deck

As you can see, I’m a very slightly aggressive player, but I come from a storm background so I’m not really used to being tricky and conniving. (which is funny because my myth, the trickiest of all is a warlord… then again i haven’t played her for a while..hmm). However, now that I was higher, this deck, and therefore set-up, was obsolete. Now that I was heading to captain, I needed more defense. Immediately I snagged a Deck of Chivalry in the bazaar and based the new deck off the old. This is what I ended up with, at captain at least. I have a feeling I will be revising this as I claw to commander…

Level 22 Main Deck

Level 22 Main Deck

Level 22 Side Deck

Level 22 Side Deck

This deck was the result of my matches today, it went through a few phases before getting to this final one, but I’m happy with how this current version is working. I’m not happy with the annoying people who are messing up my trials of this by using whatever spells they feel are cool…. like deer knight. I was knighted today. See more after the jump! Continue reading

Weekend Update (+ some art)!

Since I only have time to play (and blog!) on the weekend, here’s what’s coming up!


  • I’ve changed the look of my blog! Do let me know what you think- it’s an on-going project as of now


  • An update on Autumn’s progress! Level 20 here we come!


  • A graphic design tutorial or article?

Quotes I am just thinking of right now:

“It’s better when it’s blue” [or something like that (SNL; Breaking Bad)]

“You know I read somewhere that plants have feelings….. say something nice to it.” (Puss & Boots)

And nowwww some art!

Title: Beautiful Disguise the idea that no matter how beautiful one may be on the outside, eventually the rotten core will eventually show through and the once beautiful disguise will crumble.

Title: Beautiful Disguise
no matter how beautiful one may be on the outside, one day the beautiful disguise will crumble.

Sorry this isn’t full size- I’ll figure out how to do that now one day soon.

Duelist101’s Monster Brawl: My Story & (mini) Review

As I’m sure everyone knows, yesterday was the Duelist101 Monster Brawl! I was extremely excited about participating in it and it really was quite a lot of fun! Naturally, I took a few (ok more than a few) pictures of my experience!

*If you really don’t care about my story you can just scroll to the bottom and I’ve included a few pros and cons.. seriously though, my story is cute… you should read it… just do it…

The part of this event I was most looking forward to was, by far, the costume contest. I had decided on a costume that used one of the new-ish flamenco flamingos, so of course, because I like to make things more difficult for myself I chose to use the Flamenco del Muerto.

The flamenco is actually a really awesome looking pet. While the mixture of colors in the Flamenco Tocador is really very pretty (and that would’ve been my second choice, if I had not found a Del Muerto)The red tipped wings on the FDM are gorgeous.

The Flamenco del Muerto in all its glory.

The Flamenco del Muerto in all its glory.

Naturally I wanted to match the color scheme of the pet so I immediately started working with kill me, these are the most expensive colors in the game gahhh red & black. I also had begun this costume project with a yankering (is that even a word??) to use the new duelist hat. There were two reasons for this: “duelist” (tell me I’m clever, common, tell me) and it seems to have a Spanish vibe to it (great description there >o<).

Duelist Hat & Elegant Outfit

Duelist Hat & Elegant Outfit

One of the colors in the del Muerto is white, so I grabbed first for the elegant outfit with its white poofy sleeves.

Picture 2013-10-12 13-34-49

While I liked the elegant outfit, a few tweaks later I ended up going with a more armored look.

A closer look at: The Conquistador

A closer look at: The Conquistador

Finally the party began! The first stop (for me at least) was Julia Stormflame’s Sun palace and at first it was ultra crowded.



It was so crowded I seriously needed to get away and find a spot where the lag wasn’t too bad. Luckily I did find this pretty spot and stayed there for a bit until moving on to the Promethean Pvp house.

Ended up choosing this armor-y robe.... Making my costume officially, The Conquistador & Her Flamenco of Death

My costume: The Conquistador & Her Flamenco of Death. This photo was taken at the first stop during the Brawl, the Sun Palace.

My computer eventually adjusted to the lag and I ended up spend the majority of my time at the Promethean pvp house, Julia’s Pyramid of the Lost Horizon. I started off with no gear pvp and had tons and tons of fun. Thankfully I was on a team completely comprised of storms (+1 balance)! Needless to say, we dominated! XD

Picture 2013-10-12 15-13-53 Picture 2013-10-12 15-12-53

Unfortunately, as time went on people discovered the tag game machine…. they discovered it over and over and over and over and over and seriously. enough eventually became quite enough. I had come to this party looking forward to the costume contest and I was beginning to think I’d never get over to the Acropolis house in time (it was nearly perpetually full the entire party).

Invasion of the elves

Invasion of the elves

After finally leaving the pyramid, Cat and I went back to the Sun Palace to find Julia S. and find out what was going on at the Acropolis house. Of course it was still full, but Julia (who proved to be a super problem solver! Many many thanks to her for being so patient!) just suggested that the small group who was stranded at the palace simply do a little pvp.

After a few matches, Cat and I slipped away to take a picture with the swarm of Mooses! It took a while, but we managed to get a few perfect shots!

Picture 2013-10-12 18-00-21


Picture 2013-10-12 18-00-39

Trying to take a picture here! >.<


Picture 2013-10-12 18-00-35 Picture 2013-10-12 18-01-03 Picture 2013-10-12 18-01-06

Eventually we did manage to get over to the Acropolis and when we did we were just in time for the costume contest!

Picture 2013-10-12 18-08-19 Picture 2013-10-12 18-12-42 Picture 2013-10-12 18-37-10

All the contestants were told to stand in a line as Mackenzie Rain & Roslyn judged…


Picture 2013-10-12 18-35-35

Roslyn & Mackenzie stood in front of Cat and I for a long while… I had a feeling someone was going to win something…

Then they announced the finalists! Cat was one of them!

Picture 2013-10-12 18-42-34

Cat’s pretty far over there in the green and orange…

She ended up winning first place! However, I was kinda bummed out… I had liked my costume quite a lot! I’d worked hard on it! I’m clever…. right? meanwhile I’m thinking to myself: stop whining you silly… 

I was resigned to my fate.

And then suddenly…

They had to pick a new third place! The previous winner had had to leave before the final three were called. So, none other than Julia Stormflame steps up as a new judge to pick out her favorite as the new third place…. which just happened to be me! 😀

Picture 2013-10-12 19-06-18

It was kinda awk since Cat won too and we’re sisters… conspiracy anyone?? XD

Picture 2013-10-12 19-06-25


  • All in all, I did have a fantastic time and even if I hadn’t won in the costume contest I would have said the same thing.
  • Pvping was really, really fun. It was even better because most of the people there loved it just as much as you.
  • The staff was extremely patient and courteous the whole time. This was totally amazing and I have no idea how they managed it.
  • One free pack (of choice) for all attendees!?
  • Dragonclaw Blades for people who play a pvp match!?


  • I feel like the event definitely could have benefitted from a little more hosting-help, though I don’t think that the creators realized the sheer size of the attendee list.
  • Next time, hopefully there will be more houses and more contests for people to participate in, this may have helped dissipate the large number of people stuck at certain houses since the others were totally full.
  • I distinctly remember a ton of down time that I had at some point where my whole self ached from being stuck at a laggy pyramid and from being turned into an elf over and over and over… while the tag game was great, maybe next time the host can pick up the kiosk after the actual tag contest ends or have a house devoted to just tag? I know that’s not the most ideal thing to do, but seriously it got really old really fast for us people waiting to pvp or just chilling out.
  • … giving out free packs to everyone may have been a mistake too…. people get crazy at the mention of free packs…very crazy

A huge thanks again to the Duelist staff for hosting this! Really looking forward to next year ;D

(mini) Death Incarnate: Autumn L.

Autumn Lionflower is my new, journeyman death wizard. She’s been doing pvp for a couple of days now and her record is looking really quite good! I’m probably going to be blogging about her in relation to pvp the most, at least for the time being. If I manage to get the Hades robe I want for my storm I may switch over to her. However, right now it’s all about Autumn!

Record is looking good! yay!

Record is looking good! yay!

I created Autumn around a week ago in the spirit of Halloween (because Autumn the season and death the halloween-ish theme right? it’s clever right? tell me i’m clever! heheheh) and because I’ve become very interested in death pvp. I was quite torn on whether i wanted to level her to promethean or not, but I got impatient and just started when i got vampire.

I’ve been trying to navigate journeyman pvp, which is riddled with high level treasure usage, with only my journeyman death spells and a little help from doom and gloom. It’s been a bit easier than i thought, however now that I’m beginning to get higher in rank, things are becoming increasingly difficult. Because of this, I am going to finish the krokosphinx to get poison, because i feel like that will fit into my strategy very, very nicely. Autumn’s current setup is fairly balanced, but it leans toward the more aggressive side. I wish I’d taken a screenshot of her deck before, but I didn’t. So…. I’ll put it in the next post!

As you can see from the image above, she does have three losses and I’ve decided to keep track of the circumstances:

  1. Treasure Wielding Myth. This one was kinda sad for me and i really went into this battle knowing I was going to lose. She started off calling up a minion, then a few rounds later used a monstrous minotaur, however, being death with relatively high health from gear I survived. I did manage to heal most of it back by vamping the myth and the minion, but as soon as i had removed the minion and was beautifully double shielded, she shattered me and then used a medusa. :[
  2. Lucky Lucky Balance. Fizzled the kill round. Mander minion is way more aggressive than is should be. Nuff said.
  3. Commander Storm. This girl was a stormie true to form. If I recall correctly she didn’t use any crazy tc’s but she did have full commander gear and I was seriously under prepped for that situation. I definitely learned from this. It also kinda pushed me in the direction of leveling a bit.

For the most part, these three have lead to learning what works and what doesn’t, as most losses always do. If you want to say hello I’ll be questing with my best friend, Ian Ironshard, in the sphinx on the weekends in Scarecrow. (I’m PST and we’re usually on late, though :[)

Hello world!

Hi guys! So this is my new blog here! I’m probably gonna customize it more when i get the chance, but for now we’ll just have to go with the basic layout 😛 I kinda wanted to use this post to tell you a little bit about me…. soo… here it goes:

  • some of you may know me from Wizard101 Central, I’m thefirstLionflower there and I mostly hang out in the Art & Graphics section.
  • I’ve been playing since 2010.
  • My “classroom” is full with characters, but I usually only use one: Julia Lionflower, my promethean storm.
  • I’m also currently working on a death, Autumn Lionflower, because the school looks much more interesting than it has in past years.
  • I absolutely love graphic design. In reality that’s what I want to do as a career.
  • Besides posting my art on Central, I may include some of it here.
  • I also love to pvp (which shouldn’t be surprising).
  • I love it so much that I check Duelist for new articles almost every day.
  • Unfortunately, since storm school is my one true love, I have never reached warlord.
  • I have, however, reached it on my nooby myth, my second nooby myth, and possibly another one of my characters… but still. Reaching warlord on my storm has been a lifelong mission.
  • Besides pvp and graphic design, I love to decorate homes. I have a Pyramid of the Last Horizon (lost horizon?? I don’t even know which is pretty sad…), a Massive Fantasy Palace, a Watchtower Hall (which i actually won, rather than crafted, even though i do own the recipe. I just lack motivation.), and a dorm.
  • Only one of those houses is actually decorated and that is my Pyramid which is my storm’s main home.
  • I have a sister and her main character’s name is Catherine Lionflower, a promethean balance.
  • Most people who know her just call her “Cat”
  • She loves to pvp more than most things in the world and has done tons of matches…and when i say tons i really mean it. I think her first age total was at least over a thousand.
  • Yes, she has a problem. I am not that bad, thankfully.
  • I have wanted to start a blog for Wizard101 for a long time, but never got around to it.
  • I love Duelist so much that when i realized they had a community of blogs, I finally decided to take the plunge and start one…. because… why not.