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A Concept House: The Wild Cottage

In light of the new housing tours and my “Watchtower Hall Decorating Project” that I’ve been diligently working on for the past couple of weekends, I really wanted to tell the ridiculously long long story of how my Watchtower Hall came to be before I unveil it. In addition I wanted to share this ridiculously awesome housing concept.

Once Upon a Time… Mercenaries for Hire held a contest…

“In this contest, we’ll give you the chance to create your own crafted home, show us around inside, and at the end you’ll be given a choice — will you LOVE your design or will you LIST it and go for that shiny Watchtower Hall instead (or you can do both, lol).

For this contest, here are some rules:

  • You will need to create a new crafted home. You will need to include the name of this new home, the recipe of this crafted house, and give us an example of what each room looks like either through visual graphics or written descriptions.
  • You cannot use the name or recipe of any of the existing crafted homes.
  • If you have a question about the rules, please ask before the contest deadline. We are human so we do make mistakes, but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

Now, for everyone’s favorite part — the PRIZES! 

  • The top five entries will receive codes for the following: a Watchtower Halla random Tapestry (let’s just say that they have created a LOT of different tapestries for the House-A-Palooza and it’d take up half this post just to list them all, lol), anda music code for one music box, two music scrolls, and a random instrument.
  • The five runner ups will receive codes for the following: a random Tapestryanda music code for one music box, two music scrolls, and a random instrument.
  • Everyone who enters will receive a code for one FOG Staff. Everyone’s a winner!

It was tough to choose from all the wonderful entries, but choose we have!

And here are the Loved homes that have made the winner’s list:

Joint first goes to cantthinkofaname and Julia Lionflower [<– That’s me!]

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Voltage: Julia Tests Tournaments!

Hello everyone! It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything…but really I just missed one weekend… oops… Honestly though, sometimes I have a lot of work and can’t write a post.

Anyway, this past weekend I did quite a lot of wizarding! I worked on both Autumn and Julia in the live and marched around the test realm on Julia. I was hoping I’d be doing a celebratory commander post for Autumn this week, but it was not to be. I met with both success and failure this weekend and ended up quite upset. Commander was not reached. I might have been treasure carded to death. There might have been some random minions, a triton, and three full pip ice armors involved. I also may have yelled a little…

Moooving onnn! Since I was angry at Autumn and the people who were derping around in lower level pvp on the live realm I decided to take Julia, my promethean storm, out to test ALL of the new tourney types on the test realm! yay!

Picture 2013-11-02 08-41-20

Of course I didn’t get around to “all of them all of them” (mostly because all the classic ones were super early in the morning my time which was really weird and disappointing) but I did do Myth & Storm Perks and two kinds of Quick Match! 

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