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Crafting the Treetop Getaway (ftMLAU) Pt.1

Now the question that you’re probably asking is: “What in the heck hound is a ftMLAU. Like seriously. I see something in there that I recognize, but it does not fill me with hope at all! MLA!? Like MLA format in English? Because if we’re talking about that annoying format-y thing I’m just gonna click away right now because no way am I doing that during summer break absolutely not.” Well, never fear! “ftMLAU” stands for “for the More Lazy Among Us” because let’s be real here, who has time for these crazy recipes! I definitely don’t. So I wanted to share how I do some craft-y things in the most lazy manner and actually (hopefully) succeed…

So, because I’m crazy I decided to craft the Treetop Getaway. In an awesome preview-article (clickie ze link) by Duelist you can also see more photos of what the house looks like and it’s gorgeous. I don’t think I can actually name my favorite thing about it because it was designed that well. When I first began playing Wizard101 the first home I ever bought was the Life House in the Crowns Shop. I mean, I had a fire character, but that didn’t matter at all. Living in a treehouse??? Count me in! This new home, the Getaway, is like the awesome upgrade to that. (have I used the word awesome too much? I don’t think so XD)

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Exalted/Yo, it’s been a while…

Howdy folks! what’s shakin’? Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while & I am very very sorry for that! O.o Unfortunately I had to focus on school since in the second semester things really started to be really incredibly horrible and stink really really badly became really hard to manage. However! I am now on summer break so let’s all party because summer tho right and ready to get back to Wizard101 and, subsequently, the Duelist community 😀

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