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The Adventures of Jules and Cat

I’ve intermittently mentioned on this blog my older sister Catherine Lionflower. I’ve never seen a more dedicated Wizard101 player. She somehow finds the time to play (and by play I mean pvp until her eyes fall out of her head until she’s too angry to continue im joking, she’s never too angry every single day. Whenever I have the time to come on and play as well we quest together or support each other in our matches. Since I’m kind of in this theme of a yearly update and also being really nostalgic I felt like doing a quick little post with just a few screen shots of our antics while running around the spiral…

We graduated Ravenwood on the same day! Naturally, we had to pose for a photo….but of course, we got it right when our life mastery amulet bubbles crossed in front of our faces…

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.35.13 PM

Making “Emperor’s New Groove” References while fighting Baba Yaga…This fight was funny for cat especially because her bachelor’s degree is in Russian Literature

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.45.25 PM

Yet more references…We’re massive Game of Thrones fans, especially me! This occurred right before we got pummeled- four times, might I add -by The Rat.

I’m really hoping that I can bring Cat aboard to write for this blog as well since she’s the main pvper of the family and she clearly has more time to play (and therefore write) than me 🙂 So, with luck you’ll be getting some new content from her as well!

Crafting the Treetop Getaway (ftMLAU) Pt. 2

Now the question that you’re probably asking is: “What in the heck hound is a ftMLAU. Like seriously. I see something in there that I recognize, but it does not fill me with hope at all! MLA!? Like MLA format in English? Because if we’re talking about that annoying format-y thing I’m just gonna click away right now because no way am I doing that during summer break absolutely not.” Well, never fear! “ftMLAU” stands for “for the More Lazy Among Us” because let’s be real here, who has time for these crazy recipes! I definitely don’t. So I wanted to share how I do some craft-y things in the most lazy manner and actually (hopefully) succeed…

So, about two years ago now, I posted this article called “Crafting the Treetop Getaway” and I talked about how I wanted to tackle the recipe, despite the fact that it would be really difficult. Flash forward to about a year later and I finally succeeded. I think when assessing how long it took me to craft this house it’s important to note that I started this series off with the “for the more lazy among us” in the title…sooo….

Treetop Getaway

  • Crafting Time (for the more lazy among us): 1 year

I’m just gonna leave that right there…

To be honest, actually it didn’t take me the whole year to specifically craft the house- to grab all the ingredients and some such things. Actually I crafted a few things, became too busy to continue, did some other things, W101 released some more content, and suddenly the rare reagents and items needed for this weren’t so rare anymore and I had more gold than I knew what to do with. I crafted this house in under a week. (Now let’s talk about how I did that…)

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Battle Sounds III: Music for PvP

“This series began one day a ridiculously long time ago now some time ago while adding new music to my “PvP Playlist” (yeah. I know. I have an entire playlist for pvp…just kidding, it’s actually just called “Favorites”) (It’s a little unfair to say it’s just for pvp, I listen to it pretty regularly just because it’s the kind of playlist that get’s me moving and motivated). I was finding new music to add because, like every other person ever, except for lovers of “classical”- no offense classical people, I get bored with the same stuff over and over and therefore never have the sound on while I play Wizard101. (Honestly, the soundtrack is great, but I can only take so much of that.) I decided, why not share my new favorites, I’m sure I’m not alone in not listening to the in-game music… And a new post series was born.

Updating Battle Sounds with a new edition! This selection is pretty varied but much more aligned with pop and alternative.

Top Tracks [for now…]


Magnets by Disclosure ft. Lorde

Located On: Caracal


First by Cold War Kids

Located On: Hold My Home

*Also Worth Listening to: 7 Years by Lukas Graham which has a similar feel

Invincible by Kelly Clarkson

Located On: Piece by Piece

*Also Worth Listening to: Piece by Piece (the song), though it’s a ballad and Something in the Water, Smoke Break, and Little Toy Guns by Carrie Underwood which have a similar feel while being more country

Bird Set Free by Sia

Located On: This Is Acting

*Also Worth Listening to: Chandelier, Cheap Thrills and most other things by Sia


Freedom by Beyonce

Located On: Lemonade

*Also Worth Listening to: Pray You Catch Me on the same album- this is actually my favorite track, but it’s a ballad and not as great for PvP

Rise Up by Andra Day

Located on: Cheers to the Fall

As always: Do you have a pvp playlist? If so, feel free to share some tracks!

Howdy Kids II (aka. yearly checkup)

I promise I’ll write an actual post if the game ever fully loads why is there not any internet here in addition to this mushy unrelated content (haha)

So it seems that yearly checkups are becoming par for the course from me! [insert awkward laughter here] However, I think it’s a testament to the quality of the duelist 101 community that I’ve had this account since 2013, but I really do keep wanting to come back to it and write about my adventures with this game that I’ve been playing since (almost) its inception. Despite my absence from my lovely blog here I’ve never stopped reading Duelist101 because I just can’t quit you I’ve never stopped loving you guys! even though i know for sure now that no one knows who i am anymore And I’ve certainly never stopped mucking around with my sister Catherine Lionflower! (She plays daily somehow)

Anyway, so much has happened since my last post and I want to share!

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