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The Lionflowers do Luau! Pt. 1

Hey all! I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog the past week, so this blog post is all about what I’ve been up to. I’m happy to report that the Lionflower sisters have been accepted and will be competing in the Summer Luau PvP tournament (sponsored in part by Duelist101)! Despite the fact that we will probably be killed off in the first round, we put quite a bit of effort into getting ready for the tourney and in part one of this post I’m gonna just talk a little bit about that. While we do have our opponent’s information- both Cat and I will be facing a level 110 storm first -but really nothing else in terms of how our matches are going to go, after all twists and turns are what Luau is promising.

I used to go to so many events and report back on them with funny asides, so I’m really hoping to sort of do that again with this. It’s certainly going to be very different since spectators aren’t really allowed and there aren’t going to be any other events going on simultaneously (costume contest was already held this week), but I’ll give it my best shot.

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How to Wait for the Test Realm to Load

So! The Summer Update has officially hit the Test Realm! What an exciting and joyous occaision! You jump onto your computer, type in your passcode, and ready your mouse….and wait. At last you’re into the game! You hit your house button, ready to see the new Arcanum spells…and wait…and wait some more. It’s a familiar story. Maybe your computer is a little slow or your internet connectivity a little shaky, or worse: maybe you just got a new computer, or downloaded the test realm, or simply haven’t been online in a long time, it’s ok! I’m here for you! This is “How to Wait for the Test Realm to Load!” (you can add “without hurting yourself or others” if it means that much to you. It’s ok, there’s no judgement here I mean there technically is but Cat is the balance, not me…buh dum chiissh…cheap Wizard101 jokes are cheap…)

Amusing intros aside, I’m literally sitting here and waiting for the test realm to let me into Bartleby so I can then wait for the arcanum to load…so…my first thought was, “Let’s write a blog post!”

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Best Little Dorm Contest/The Musushi Kitchen

UPDATE! “The Musushi Kitchen” won third place in the Best Little Dorm in Wizard City Contest! Big thanks to Paige Moonshade for hosting it once again and for the amazing prizes!

Every year during the summer famed Wizard101 blogger Paige Moonshade hosts the “Best Little Dorm in Wizard City” contest! Every year the contest changes in theme and in requirements and this year I decided that since I really have nothing else to do I would join in the fun and report back about my experiences!

Now, I came into this really quite late which is typical, ya know so I only had two and a half days to fully decorate my dorm! Talk about a stress! This isn’t a simple decorating contest either. There are special “twists” and “turns” to consider.

“The Twist”

This year’s theme was “cold” and we had to use five semi-random items:

5 items

source: Paige’s Page

  • Balloons
  • A clothesline
  • Dog biscuits
  • A gas can
  • Some kind of flame
“The Turn”

We also had to write two paragraphs about our design: How it related to the theme “cold and how we had used the five special items.

After decorating we could only include three screenshots of our room in our entry. It’s a tall order to be sure! Now, here is how I tackled the challenge…

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The Watchtower Hall Project

Hello all! So, yesterday was actually my birthday (yay) and I decided that it was the perfect time to follow through on something that I’ve been promising for ages (literally years): My Watchtower Hall Project! This wasn’t my first house, but it is home to a lot of firsts for me: first glitches, first crafted housing items, and my first kitchen. I can’t wait to finally share this with all of you! I’ll talk a little bit about what went into each area of the home and include some links to any special items used! Brace yourself for one very long post…

The story of this Watchtower Hall began way back in 2013 when I won a housing concept contest-  you can read all about that here -where first prize was a code for the Hall. I had been attempting to craft it around that time but had stalled (It’s because I’m lazy) and this contest just fell into my lap. After the immense joy of redeeming my prize I set about decorating it. The result: Julia Lionflower’s Estate/B&B hosts the Four Season’s fair.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.15.21 AM

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Panther Pet has Arrived!

The new panther pet was released today! It’s price currently stands at 9500 crowns – the same as the previously released leopard. In the first generation it boasts a pedigree of 70 in addition to other high stats!

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.42.27 AM

I’m assured that this pet when mixed with the traditional panther will produce hybrids- according to one player: a tiger, a white tiger, and a lion -but, since this pet is still so new, that can’t quite be confirmed yet and data on its other first gen abilities is scarce (though I’m sure someone at Wizard101 Central or the Petnome Project is compiling all of that at this very moment). Looking to gain insight into all of the panther excitement I interviewed some new owners, prospective owners, and one lucky owner of a new hybrid!

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Death Incarnate: Autumn vs. The Ice Ceiling

A.K.A: the art of dying to ice repeatedly

As some of you know, Autumn my death does a lot of magus pvp. Through my experiences with Autumn I’ve noticed the absolutely staggering number of ices in the pvp arena at this level and due to the fact that they tend to be clumped at warlord or overlord, making it difficult for the rest of us to reach above warlord, I’ve taken to calling this phenomenon the “Ice Ceiling.”

Now, for some people The Ice Ceiling isn’t that big a deal. Some schools have a grand time facing these folks (I actually don’t really know if anyone does, but I feel like fire has a fighting chance? or anyone with an enfeeble pet that’s active?) but Autumn doesn’t. Am I at the point that I’m going to use ice dispels? Maybe No. Would I if I had room in my deck? Yes Maybe. Do I wish they would all shrivel up and die? Yes Maybe, but clearly at the time of writing I’m feeling pretty bitter and have just referred myself to my last post. Literally, pvp against these guys has started to feel like I am grating my forehead against a cheese grater.

Anyway, while scary, they are incredibly predictable which lends itself to my irritation. (Of course, the question is, can you handle the spell you’re predicting they’re about to cast? Usually not lol) So, through my very careful observations here are some of the spells the Ice Ceiling loves and common mistakes when facing them accompanied by pictures of me dying:

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How to Vent After PvP (Without Hurting Yourself or Others)

Now, if you’ve ever done pvp before I’m sure that you can understand that it can be extremely frustrating sometimes. Be it a string of losses in succession, never being able to go first, or the pet that you’ve lovingly and painstakingly built decides not to heal…at all…we’ve all been there. And while for some people, this is not a big deal in the least- they just shrug it off and go on their way -for others this frustration can manifest itself as red-faced, righteous fury fueled by the power of a thousand suns. (If you’re one of those people, don’t feel ashamed. You can harness the power of a thousand suns! How cool is that!) Now, the main problem with that- or of course if you simply get angry, not necessarily start tapping into suns -is that it can make you get pretty mean or worse, get you into trouble in-game. So, today, I’m gonna share some tricks for how to effectively vent all that frustration without hurting yourself or anyone else.

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The Elements of Decorating

When I began this post I had initially wanted to make it a part of the “Crafting the Treetop Getaway” series. However, when it started to really take shape it seemed much more like a standalone piece. I wanted to take you through my decorating process- somewhat -in a broader context than just the Getaway. As I mentioned in the previous edition of “Crafting the Treetop Getaway” (here) when I had finished crafting the house I had attempted to decorate it, but had stalled. It’s certainly a difficult house to decorate- mainly due to its extremely complicated map. It seems that the creators made it with the intention of it being a house for parties and tag games, but that’s not my thing. Thus, the problem I was left to solve was what to do with a house where even I couldn’t remember how to get from point A to point B. Upon revisiting the house just recently, I realized that I had finally settled on a solution: a literal treetop getaway, a spa/luxury retreat.

So, while I’m in the process of decorating this new house and writing the next edition of the series, here are just a few tips and tidbits “just a few” is deceptive, this is actually a really long post about my decorating style (note: all of these can apply to dorm rooms too!):

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