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Prologue: The Knife in the Dark

*Note: I know, I know, this isn’t housing related at all! And what with House-a-Palooza starting today this is just totally out of place. However, I’m going to be having some lovely new housing related content coming right at you really soon! But, trust me when I say that this has to come first (it’s a sequencing thing…it’ll all make sense in the end..yadda yadda). May I present the official debut of the fan-fiction I’ve been writing for some time now! If you simply must have housing right at this very moment you can also head over to Adventures of the Spiral and read my massive article on kitchen design! Here!


The darkness was so thick it was almost palpable, yet a sliver of a moon shone an eerie light over Wizard City. Standing in stark contrast amid the gloom the door of a small, green house tentatively opened.

“Be careful out there Bella,” Lillith called out, “You never know what kind of creeps are out at this time!”

“You’re so paranoid!” the young, redheaded witch responded with a laugh in her voice. “It’s just Wizard City!”

Everything was calm and quiet, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the day. Most witches and wizards slept soundly or at least were shut up in their homes, pouring over their spellbooks. They all knew that it was on nights like these dark magic could be spun with ease. However, in all the darkness this witch was a spot of light.

“Come on! Please just be careful,” Lillith’s eye’s shifted around the small square in front of her home and down the dark alley that Bella so confidently headed towards. “I’ve heard rumors about people disappearing you know…I mean… I know, I know I hear a lot of rumors…but this one sounded pretty legit! You can totally stay here tonight.”

Bella simply laughed and it sounded like birdsong. “Yeah just like the banshee that shows up in your room if you don’t pass some story on. You know those are just ghost stories! I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said and, with a last wink to her friend, she turned towards home.

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The Lionflowers Do Luau Pt. 2 Review

It has officially been almost a week since the conclusion of the Luau and I certainly hope that Hunter Flame our champion is enjoying his massive winnings (congrats to him!) because he definitely earned it. This tournament was so unique in its format and I was incredibly intrigued right from the start. I’m always looking for alternatives to traditional pvp because, as a storm it can be really hard to get anywhere. So, Cat and I both signed up and hoped for the best.

You can read how I got ready for this unique Tournament in Part 1 of this post! Just click the button!

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