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Chapter One: The Decidedly Unpleasant Morning

New to the series? Don’t forget to read the prologue, “The Knife in the Dark,” here!

Autumn Lionflower rolled out of her bed and hit the floor with a resounding thud. At least it was slightly rotted and as such softer than strong, healthy wood. She groaned and pulled herself up, noting in her cracked mirror that she have been floating in her sleep because yet again her hair was standing straight up and a bat hung sleepily from her ear. The banshees had been howling last night and as much as she normally enjoyed their melodious screetchings, she suspected that their yearly howl was taking place this week. An entire pack of banshees was just a bit much, even for her.

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Deathly Decorating

For any housing aficionado the introduction of the new furniture packs was an incredibly exciting thing and given my love for the previous sets, I knew I was going to have a field day. I know this article may seem like it’s coming a little late, but I was moving…so…:p I just recently began decorating a death house, “The Incredibly Haunted House,” for reasons that will soon become clear and of course this set is the perfect fit for it.

I just wanted to talk briefly¬†as briefly as I can which probably isn’t going to be that brief about how I’ve utilized the new death furniture in my new house, thoughts that I had whilst decorating, some suggestions, and hopefully provide some inspiration for my fellow decorator!

Note: This post isn’t intended to be a housing showcase for my death house. This is very much still a work in progress and the screenshots will attest to that. Rooms will be jumbled and in various stages of completion…so…don’t judge me

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