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Extra Life!

Hello everyone! This year I’ve decided to participate in Extra Life on KI’s team! This year it’s being lead by Dworgyn! This is going to be my first year doing this and I’m totally clueless, but it’s such a great cause!
Oddly enough, though, for me it’s more about the hospital than the disease. I’ve been blessed in my life to never have had a family member pass away from cancer, so my personal connection to Extra Life doesn’t stem from that. However, while I was making my hospital selection for the fundraiser- I contemplated supporting the in LA where I live now -I noticed Salinas Valley Memorial. This was the hospital where I was born and they cared for me during one of the most difficult times in my life. Letting a very scared, sick 16 year old keep the pair of hospital pants she was wearing (they’re super comfortable), even though they weren’t supposed to, is a moment that still sticks with me today.

So! Please donate to this lovely hospital and support Children’s Miracle Network! Click the link below to donate!

Make a Donation!

If you’d like to join the Extra Life effort for yourself & want more information about KI’s Extra Life team, see the October newsletter here!