About Me

Hi guys! I stole all of this information from my very first post, just in the event that it gets buried and no one reads it any more (which is very likely to happen if I keep this blog up). Here are some facts about me 🙂

  • some of you may know me from Wizard101 Central, I’m thefirstLionflower there and I mostly hang out in the Art & Graphics section.
  • I’ve been playing since 2010.
  • My “classroom” is full with characters, but I usually only use one: Julia Lionflower, my promethean exalted storm.
  • I’m also currently working on a death, Autumn Lionflower, because the school looks much more interesting than it has in past years.
  • I absolutely love graphic design. In reality that’s what I want to do as a career.
  • Besides posting my art on Central, I may include some of it here.
  • I also love to pvp (which shouldn’t be surprising).
  • I love it so much that I check Duelist for new articles almost every day.
  • Unfortunately, since storm school is my one true love, I have never reached warlord.
  • I have, however, reached it on Autumn, my nooby myth, my second nooby myth, and possibly another one of my characters… but still. Reaching warlord on my storm has been a lifelong mission.
  • Besides pvp and graphic design, I love to decorate homes. I have a Pyramid of the Last Horizon (lost horizon?? I don’t even know which is pretty sad…), a Massive Fantasy Palace, a Watchtower Hall (which i actually won, rather than crafted, even though i do own the recipe. I just lack motivation.), an Island Getaway, the new Botanical Gardens, and a dorm.
  • I have a sister and her main character’s name is Catherine Lionflower, a promethean balance.
  • Most people who know her just call her “Cat”
  • She loves to pvp more than most things in the world and has done tons of matches…and when i say tons i really mean it. I think her first age total was at least over a thousand.
  • Yes, she has a problem. I am not that bad, thankfully.
  • I have wanted to start a blog for Wizard101 for a long time, but never got around to it.
  • I love Duelist so much that when i realized they had a community of blogs, I finally decided to take the plunge and start one…. because… why not.

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