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The Lionflowers Do Luau Pt. 2 Review

It has officially been almost a week since the conclusion of the Luau and I certainly hope that Hunter Flame our champion is enjoying his massive winnings (congrats to him!) because he definitely earned it. This tournament was so unique in its format and I was incredibly intrigued right from the start. I’m always looking for alternatives to traditional pvp because, as a storm it can be really hard to get anywhere. So, Cat and I both signed up and hoped for the best.

You can read how I got ready for this unique Tournament in Part 1 of this post! Just click the button!

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The Lionflowers do Luau! Pt. 1

Hey all! I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog the past week, so this blog post is all about what I’ve been up to. I’m happy to report that the Lionflower sisters have been accepted and will be competing in the Summer Luau PvP tournament (sponsored in part by Duelist101)! Despite the fact that we will probably be killed off in the first round, we put quite a bit of effort into getting ready for the tourney and in part one of this post I’m gonna just talk a little bit about that. While we do have our opponent’s information- both Cat and I will be facing a level 110 storm first -but really nothing else in terms of how our matches are going to go, after all twists and turns are what Luau is promising.

I used to go to so many events and report back on them with funny asides, so I’m really hoping to sort of do that again with this. It’s certainly going to be very different since spectators aren’t really allowed and there aren’t going to be any other events going on simultaneously (costume contest was already held this week), but I’ll give it my best shot.

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The Adventures of Jules and Cat

I’ve intermittently mentioned on this blog my older sister Catherine Lionflower. I’ve never seen a more dedicated Wizard101 player. She somehow finds the time to play (and by play I mean pvp until her eyes fall out of her head until she’s too angry to continue im joking, she’s never too angry every single day. Whenever I have the time to come on and play as well we quest together or support each other in our matches. Since I’m kind of in this theme of a yearly update and also being really nostalgic I felt like doing a quick little post with just a few screen shots of our antics while running around the spiral…

We graduated Ravenwood on the same day! Naturally, we had to pose for a photo….but of course, we got it right when our life mastery amulet bubbles crossed in front of our faces…

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.35.13 PM

Making “Emperor’s New Groove” References while fighting Baba Yaga…This fight was funny for cat especially because her bachelor’s degree is in Russian Literature

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.45.25 PM

Yet more references…We’re massive Game of Thrones fans, especially me! This occurred right before we got pummeled- four times, might I add -by The Rat.

I’m really hoping that I can bring Cat aboard to write for this blog as well since she’s the main pvper of the family and she clearly has more time to play (and therefore write) than me 🙂 So, with luck you’ll be getting some new content from her as well!